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The Palgrave Handbook of Urban Ethnography

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Urban Ethnography Matters—Analytical Strength, Theoretical Value and Significance to Society
Italo Pardo, Giuliana B. Prato

Part I. Paradigmatic Reflections

2. From Jaffa to New York: The Scope of Urban Anthropology
Moshe Shokeid

3. Between Stereotype and Bad Governance: An Italian Ethnography
Italo Pardo

4. Rethinking the City as Urban Community: Views from South Europe
Giuliana B. Prato

5. The Multitude of Approaches to Urban Ethnography: Blessing or Curse?
Jerome Krase

Part II. Everyday Practices and Challenges

The Lives of Others: The Production and Influence of Neighbourhood Cultures in Urban India
Janaki Abraham

7. The Beginnings and the Ends: A ‘Superdiverse’ London Housing Estate
James Rosbrook-Thompson, Gary Armstrong

8. Everyday Mobility: Encountering Difference
Timothy Shortell

9. Betwixt and Between in Beer-Sheva: Consumption and Chronotopes in the Negev
Fran Markowitz

Part III. Coping with Economic and Political Agendas

10. Shipbuilding Decline and Dubious Futures: A Greek Ethnography of Creative Destruction
Manos Spyridakis

11. Navigating the Seas of the World of Unemployment in the USA
Judy Arnold

12. ‘Swimming Against the Tide’: Working-Class Discourse on Gentrification in North Brooklyn
Judith N. DeSena

13. The Plow and the Stallion: Political Turmoil in a Working-Class District of Budapest
László Kürti

14. From the Ban on Enjoyment to the Injunction to Enjoy: The Post-Industrial City and Its New Spaces of Control
Corine Védrine

Part IV. Urban Planning and Local Instances

15. Resistance to Places of Collective Memories: A Rapid Transformation Landscape in Beijing
Florence Graezer Bideau

16. Multiple Positionality: A Challenge for West African Urbanists
Dolores Koenig

17. The Strength of Weak Heritages: Urbanity, Utopias and the Commitment to Intangible Heritage
Michel Rautenberg

18. Sport and the City: The Olympic Games and the Reimagining of East London
Iain Lindsay

19. A Revolution of the Urban Lifestyle in China? An Ethnography of a Harbin Neighbourhood
Kamel Labdouni

Part V. Change and Grassroots Dynamics

20. Secondary Cities and the Formation of Political Space in West and East Africa
Lucy Koechlin, Till Förster

21. Two Types of Community Organization in Urban Africa
Motoji Matsuda

22. Urban Ethnography: Nothing About Us Without Us Is for Us
Cynthia Gonzalez

23. An Ethnography of Space, Creative Dissent and Reflective Nostalgia in the City Centre of Global Istanbul
Fotini Tsibiridou

Part VI. Transnational Urbanities

24. Anglo-Indians: Buying into Nationhood?
Robyn Andrews

25. Transnational Fragmentation of Globality: Eastern-European Post-Socialist Strategies in Chicago
Vytis Ciubrinskas

26. Haitians in Manaus: Challenges of the Sociocultural Process of Inclusion
Sidney Antonio Silva

27. Imagined Multiculturalism in a Malaysian Town: Ideological Constructions and Empirical Evidences
Christian Giordano

Part VII. Urbanity Beyond the City

28. Urban Development and Vernacular Religious Landscapes in Seoul
Liora Sarfati

29. Becoming Cities, Losing Paradise? Gentrification in the Swiss Alps
Andrea Boscoboinik

30. Unfolding Lisbon: An Anthropologist Gazes at a Capital City
Margarida Fernandes

31. Lost in the Shuffle: Urban African American Students Cast into a Rural White University in the USA
Talbot W. Rogers

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Anthropology, Urban Studies/Sociology, Ethnology, Human Geography

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