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Frontiers in Pen and Touch

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Table of contents

Part I. Introductions and Welcome

1. Introduction: Frontiers in Pen and Touch Research
Tracy Hammond, Aaron Adler, Manoj Prasad, Anna Stepanova

Part II. Math For All: Elementary Math

2. Classroom Learning Partner: Pen-Based Software for Creating and Sharing Visual Representations
Kimberle Koile, Andee Rubin, Steven Chapman, Lily Ko

3. Machine Analysis of Array Skip Counting in Elementary Math
Kimberle Koile, Andee Rubin, Steven Chapman

4. TouchCounts and Gesture Design
Nicholas Jackiw, Nathalie Sinclair

Part III. Math For All: High School and College Math

5. Sketch Based Interaction Techniques for Chart Creation and Manipulation
Andrés N. Vargas González, Eugene M. Taranta, Joseph J. LaViola

6. Digitizing Mathematical Symbolism Through Pen and Touch Technology: A Beginning Taxonomy of Affordances for Learner Flow in Mathematics
Eric Hamilton

7. Sketching Graphs in a Calculus MOOC: Preliminary Results
Jennifer French, Martin A. Segado, Phillip Z. Ai

Part IV. Personalized Feedback and Sketching in Science and Engineering

8. Tablet PC Goal-Directed Practice Coupled with Real-Time Targeted Feedback Enhances Food Chemistry Learning
Enrique Palou, Judith V. Gutierrez Cuba, Nelly Ramirez-Corona, Aurelio Lopez-Malo

9. Score Improvement Distribution When Using Sketch Recognition Software (Mechanix) as a Tutor: Assessment of a High School Classroom Pilot
Randy Brooks, Jung In Koh, Seth Polsley, Tracy Hammond

10. DCSR: A Digital Circuit Sketch Recognition System for Education
Shuo Ma, Yongbin Sun, Pengchen Lyu, Seth Polsley, Tracy Hammond

11. An Intelligent Sketching Interface for Education Using Geographic Information Systems
Aqib Niaz Bhat, Girish Kasiviswanathan, Christy Maria Mathew, Seth Polsley, Erik Prout, Daniel W. Goldberg, Tracy Hammond

Part V. Increasing Liberal Arts Engagement and Learning with Sketch

12. Insights from Exploration of Engaging Technologies to Teach Reading and Writing: Story Baker
Michel Pahud

13. A Multilingual Sketch-Based Sudoku Game with Real-Time Recognition
Caio D. D. Monteiro, Meenakshi Narayanan, Seth Polsley, Tracy Hammond

Part VI. Let’s Collaborate

14. NuSys: Collaborative Insight Extraction on Shared Workspaces
Philipp Eichmann

15. Collaborative Spaces: One Note in the Middle School Classroom
Sara Mata

Part VII. Domain Independent Educational Tools

16. Design Considerations for a Large Display Touch Application in Informal Education
Lucy Van Kleunen, Trent Green, Miranda Chao, Tiffany Citra, Carlene Niguidula

17. DataSketch: A Tool to Turn Student Sketches into Data-Driven Visualizations
Michelle Hoda Wilkerson

18. A Survey Based Study on Personalizing Student Learning Using MyEduDecks Application
Samuel Lawrence Cohen, Parv Shrivastava, Nicholas Wilke, Aileen Owens, Matt Antantis, Prateek Jukalkar, Ashumi Rokadia, Vinay Pedapati

Part VIII. Panels and Keynotes

19. CPTTE Education Panel: Education in Transition
Jonathan Grudin, Calvin Armstrong, Robert Baker, Eric Hamilton, Mark Payton

20. CPTTE Research Panel: Frontiers in Pen & Touch Research
Andy van Dam, Bill Buxton, Tracy Hammond, Kimberle Koile, Thomas Stahovich

21. Learning Through the Lens of Sketch
Tracy Hammond

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Educational Technology, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Science Education, Document Preparation and Text Processing

Publication year
Human–Computer Interaction Series
Information Technology, Telecommunications
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