Macioszek, Elżbieta

Recent Advances in Traffic Engineering for Transport Networks and Systems

Macioszek, Elżbieta - Recent Advances in Traffic Engineering for Transport Networks and Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Vehicle Speed Impact on the Design of Efficient Urban Single-Lane Roundabouts
Hrvoje Pilko, Šime Šarić

2. The Comparison of Models for Follow-up Headway at Roundabouts
Elżbieta Macioszek

3. Analysis of Selected Types of Transport Behaviour of Urban and Rural Population in the Light of Surveys
Jacek Chmielewski, Paulina Olenkowicz-Trempała

4. Selected Aspects of the Methodology of Traffic Flows Surveys and Measurements on an Urban Agglomeration Scale with Regard to ITS Projects
Renata Żochowska, Grzegorz Karoń, Ryszard Janecki, Aleksander Sobota

5. The Warehouse Location Problem in the Context of Vehicle Routing Problem in the Production Companies
Ilona Jacyna-Gołda, Mariusz Izdebski

6. Road Infrastructure Condition Assessment as Element of Road Traffic Safety – Concept of the RCT Solution in the S-mileSys Platform
Marcin Staniek

7. Safe Routes as One of the Ways to Reduce the Number of Road Accidents Victims
Irina Makarova, Anton Pashkevich, Ksenia Shubenkova

8. Impact of the Factors Determining the Natural Stack Effect on the Safety Conditions in a Road Tunnel
Aleksander Król, Małgorzata Król

9. Studying the Behaviour of Pedestrians and Drivers Within Pedestrian Crossings
Marcin Budzyński, Kazimierz Jamroz, Łukasz Jeliński, Mariusz Kieć

10. Failure Evaluation of the Level Crossing Protection System Based on Fault Tree Analysis
Waldemar Nowakowski, Tomasz Ciszewski, Jakub Młyńczak, Zbigniew Łukasik

11. Transport Planning - It’s Not Rocket Science
David Williams

12. Parameters of Bus Lines Influencing the Allocation of Electric Buses to the Transport Tasks
Krzysztof Krawiec, Marcin Jacek Kłos

13. Possibilities for Enhancement of the Quality of Krakow’s Tram Transport with Tunnel Sections
Marek Bauer

14. Using GT Planner to Improve the Functioning of Public Transport
Ireneusz Celiński

15. Development of the Bike-Sharing System on the Example of Polish Cities
Piotr Czech, Katarzyna Turoń, Grzegorz Sierpiński

16. Privatization of Entities in the Air Transport Sector - Airports
Stanisław Miecznikowski, Dariusz Tłoczyński

17. The Impact of the Analysis Period on the Estimation Accuracy of Queue Lengths at Intersection Inlets with Traffic Lights
Tomasz Szczuraszek, Damian Iwanowicz

18. Comparative Analysis of Chosen Adaptive Traffic Control Algorithms
Krzysztof Małecki, Piotr Pietruszka

19. Traffic Time Delay Modelling on the Intersection in the City of Martin, Using Software Aimsun
Alica Kalašová, Jana Kupčuljaková, Simona Kubíková, Jozef Paľo

20. Mixed Public Transport Lines Construction and Vehicle’s Depots Location Problems
Piotr Sawicki, Szymon Fierek

21. Computer Support of Decision-Making for the Planning Movement of Freight Wagons on the Rail Network
Marianna Jacyna, Mirosław Krześniak

Keywords: Engineering, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering, Complexity

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
Page amount
13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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