Abd-Alhameed, Raed

Antenna Fundamentals for Legacy Mobile Applications and Beyond

Abd-Alhameed, Raed - Antenna Fundamentals for Legacy Mobile Applications and Beyond, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Evolution of the Mobile Antenna: 3G, 4G and Beyond

1. Fundamentals of Antenna Design, Technologies and Applications
Issa Elfergani, Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini, Jonathan Rodriguez

Part II. Multi-Band Antennas

2. Dual-Band Planar Inverted F-L Antenna Structure for Bluetooth and ZigBee Applications
Chan H. See, George A. Oguntala, Wafa Shuaieb, J. M. Noras, Peter S. Excell

3. Double-Monopole Crescent-Shaped Antennas with High Isolation for WLAN and WIMAX Applications
Khalil H. Sayidmarie, Likaa S. Yahya

4. Electrically Small Planar Antennas Based on Metamaterial
Mohamed Lashab, Naeem Ahmad Jan, Fatiha Benbdelaziz, Chems Eddine Zebiri

Part III. Wide-Band Antennas

5. Impact of Microstrip-Line Defected Ground Plane on Aperture-Coupled Asymmetric DRA for Ultra-Wideband Applications
Chemseddine Zebiri, Djamel Sayad, Fatiha Benabelaziz, Mohamed Lashab, Ammar Ali

6. Simple and Compact Planar Ultra-Wideband Antenna with Band-Notched Characteristics
Issa Elfergani, Pedro Lopes, Jonathan Rodriguez, Dominique Lo Hine Tong

7. Miniaturized Monopole Wideband Antenna with Tunable Notch for WLAN/WiMAX Applications
Issa Elfergani, Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini, Jonathan Rodriguez, Abdelgader Abdalla, Ifiok Otung, Charles Nche, Mathias Fonkam, Babagana M. Mustapha

Part IV. MIMO Antennas

8. Miniature EBG Two U-Shaped Slot PIFA MIMO Antennas for WLAN Applications
Z. Z. Abidin, S. M. Shah, Y. Ma

9. Compact MIMO Antenna Array Design for Wireless Applications
O. Arabi, N. T. Ali, B. Liu, R. A. Abd-Alhameed, P. S. Excell

10. Compact Wideband Printed MIMO/Diversity Monopole Antenna for GSM/UMTS and LTE Applications
Chan H. See, Adham Saleh, Ali A. Alabdullah, Khalid Hameed, Raed A. Abd-Alhameed, S. M. R. Jones, Asmaa H. Majeed

Part V. Balanced Antennas

11. Compact Wideband Balanced Antenna Structure for 3G Mobile Handsets
D. Zhou, N. J. McEwan, P. S. Excell

12. Coplanar-Fed Miniaturized Folded Loop Balanced Antenna for WLAN Applications
A. G. Alhaddad, R. A. Abd-Alhameed, Embarak M. Ibrahim

13. Performance of Dual-Band Balanced Antenna Structure for LTE Applications
Issa Elfergani, Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini, Jonathan Rodriguez

Part VI. mmWave Antennas for 5G

14. Millimeter-Wave Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna
Muhammad Kamran Saleem, Majeed A. S. Alkanhal

15. Wide-Angle Beam Scanning Antenna at 79 GHz for Short-Range Automotive Radar Applications
Muhammad Kamran Saleem, Majeed A. S. Alkanhal, Hamsakutty Vettikaladi

16. Terahertz Communications for 5G and Beyond
Nadeem Naeem, Sajida Parveen, Alyani Ismail

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Systems Theory, Control, Input/Output and Data Communications

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