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Math for the Digital Factory

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Table of contents

Part I. Planning and Scheduling of Production Systems

1. Hard Planning and Scheduling Problems in the Digital Factory
Tamás Kis, Márton Drótos

2. Modeling of Material Flow Problems
Simone Göttlich, Michael Herty, Melanie Luckert

3. Max-Plus-Linear Systems for Modeling and Control of Manufacturing Problems
Xavier David-Henriet, Laurent Hardouin, Jörg Raisch

4. Stochastic Optimal Sizing of a Warehouse
Luca Ghezzi

5. Challenges of Mechatronical Engineering of Production Systems: An Automation System Engineering View
Arndt Lüder, Nicole Schmidt

Part II. Optimization of Production Lines

6. Physics-Based Simulation for Energy Consumption Optimization of Automated Assembly Systems in the Automotive Industry
Felix Damrath, Anton Strahilov, Thomas Bär, Michael Vielhaber

7. Optimisation of Power Consumption for Robotic Lines in Automotive Industry
Pavel Burget, Libor Bukata, Přemysl Šůcha, Martin Ron, Zdeněk Hanzálek

8. Production Line Optimization with Model Based Methods
T. Hajba, Z. Horváth, C. Kiss-Tóth, J. Jósvai

9. Automatic Reconfiguration of Robotic Welding Cells
Dietmar Hömberg, Chantal Landry, Martin Skutella, Wolfgang A. Welz

10. Numerical Approaches Towards Bilevel Optimal Control Problems with Scheduling Tasks
Konstantin D. Palagachev, Matthias Gerdts

Part III. Selected Production Technologies

11. Math-Based Algorithms and Software for Virtual Product Realization Implemented in Automotive Paint Shops
Fredrik Edelvik, Andreas Mark, Niklas Karlsson, Tomas Johnson, Johan S. Carlson

12. Hot Blade Cuttings for the Building Industries
David Brander, Andreas Bærentzen, Anton Evgrafov, Jens Gravesen, Steen Markvorsen, Toke Bjerge Nørbjerg, Peter Nørtoft, Kasper Steenstrup

13. Model-Based Design of Self-Correcting Forming Processes
M. Krüger, M. Borzykh, U. Damerow, M. Gräler, A. Trächtler

14. Discrete Cosserat Rod Models Based on the Difference Geometry of Framed Curves for Interactive Simulation of Flexible Cables
Joachim Linn, Klaus Dreßler

15. The Production of Filaments and Non-woven Materials: The Design of the Polymer Distributor
Christian Leithäuser, René Pinnau

Keywords: Mathematics, Systems Theory, Control, Computational Science and Engineering, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control; Optimization, Operations Research, Management Science, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance

Publication year
Mathematics in Industry
Natural Sciences
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