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Analysis and Simulation of Electrical and Computer Systems

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Table of contents

1. Applications of SiC MOSFETs in AC–DC Converters Dedicated for Distributed Generation Systems
S. Piasecki, M. P. Kazmierkowski

2. Magnetic Composites in Electric Motors
Mariusz Najgebauer, Jan Szczygłowski, Barbara Ślusarek, Marek Przybylski, Andrzej Kapłon, Jarosław Rolek

3. Brushless DC Motor with Permanent Magnets for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hybrid Drive
P. Bogusz, M. Korkosz, J. Prokop, P. Wygonik

4. Electromagnetic Review of Rotor/Stator Misalignment in Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Motor
Adrian Mlot, Adam C. Malloy, Mariusz Korkosz, Michael Lamperth

5. Field-Based Analysis and Optimal Shape Synthesis of Switched Reluctance Motors
Paolo Di Barba, Maria Evelina Mognaschi, Marek Przybylski, Najmeh Rezaei, Barbara Slusarek, Slawomir Wiak

6. An Analytical Model of an Electrical Machine with Internal Permanent Magnets
Tomasz Drabek, Jerzy Skwarczyński

7. Analysis and Synthesis of Intelligent System for Electric Mode Control in Electric Arc Furnace
Orest Lozynskyy, Andriy Lozynskyy, Yaroslav Paranchuk, Roman Paranchuk, Yaroslav Marushchak, Andriy Malyar

8. Passive Stall Control Systems of Power Limitation Modes for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT)
Ihor Shchur, Andrii Lozinskyi, Bohdan Kopchak, Yurii Biletskyi, Vsevolod Shchur

9. Multithreading Analysis of Properties and Electromagnetic Interference in Inductive Contactless Power Supply System with Bidirectional Energy Flow—Part 1: Topology System for Electric Vehicles
R. M. Miśkiewicz, A. J. Moradewicz, P. Chudzik, D. Stando

10. Review of Structural Solutions in High-Voltage Overhead Power Lines and Possibilities of Reducing Emission of Electromagnetic Fields
Zbigniew Wróblewski, Dariusz Sztafrowski, Jacek Gumiela

11. Active Power Flow Control on Cross-Border Connections
Ľ. Beňa, K. Buczek, P. Rydz, H. Wachta

12. Wind Farm Fluctuation Suppression Using Energy Storage
Bartosz Waśkowicz

13. Simulations and Experimental Investigations of an Impulse System for Battery Charging in Electric Bike
Krzysztof Ludwinek, Jan Staszak, Roman Nadolski, Zbigniew Gawecki, Jaroslaw Kurkiewicz, Tomasz Bekier

14. Powers Balances in the AC Circuit with Nonlinear Load and Reactive Power Compensation
M. Wciślik

15. The Analysis of Wind Turbine with Horizontal Rotation Axis with the Use of Numerical Fluid Mechanics
Damian Mazur, Mariusz Trojnar, Andrzej Smoleń

16. Electrical Circuits of Non-integer Order: Introduction to an Emerging Interdisciplinary Area with Examples
Jordan Hristov

17. The Electromagnetic Compatibility in Researches of Railway Traffic Control Devices
Zofia Wróbel

18. The Horn Gap Arresters Modelling in a Lightning Discharge Analysis
Zofia Wróbel

19. Evaluating the Level of Waveform Distortion
Jacek Bartman

20. Digital Processing of Frequency–Pulse Signal in Measurement System
D. Świsulski, E. Pawłowski, M. Dorozhovets

21. Time Analysis of Data Exchange in Distributed Control Systems Based on Wireless Network Model
B. Twaróg, Z. Gomółka, E. Żesławska

22. Non-Invasive Thermal Methods for the Research and Diagnosis of Electromechanical Objects
B. Twaróg, Z. Gomółka, E. Żesławska, A. Lewicki

23. Mutual Forces Acting on Chains of Particles
Eugeniusz Kurgan, Piotr Gas

24. The S
11-parameter Analysis of Multi-slot Coaxial Antenna with Periodic Slots
Piotr Gas

25. The Reliability of Critical Systems in Railway Transport Based on the Track Rail Circuit
Ryszard Mielnik, Maciej Sulowicz, Krzysztof Ludwinek, Marek Jaskiewicz

26. Research of Cohesion Principle in Illuminations of Monumental Objects
D. Mazur, H. Wachta, K. Leśko

27. Analysis and Simulation of Internal Transport in the High Storage Warehouse
J. Krystek, S. Alszer

28. Effectiveness Analysis of Small Hybrid Power Plant with Energy Storage
Andrzej Smolen, Marek Golebiowski

29. Application for Contactless Objects’ Identification by NFC Chips Embedded in Mobile Devices
Bartosz Pawłowicz, Anna Pitera

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Control, Mathematical Applications in the Physical Sciences, Energy Systems

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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