Krummel, Miriamne Ara

Jews in Medieval England

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Jews in Medieval England— A Temporal and Pedagogical Vision
Miriamne Ara Krummel, Tison Pugh

Part I. Visible Invisibilities and Textual Lacunae

2. Addressing Jewish Alterity in the Literature ofAnglo-Saxon England
Shannon O. Ambrose

3. Englishness/Jewishness/Otherness: Teaching English National Identity
Merrall Llewelyn Price

4. The Historical Jew in the Modern Classroom: Problematizing the Creation of Jewish Identity in Medieval England
K. M. Kletter

5. Creating Jewish Otherness: The Jew as an Archetype in Fourteenth-Century Philosophical and Theological Reasoning
Jeffrey C. Witt

6. Jews as Others and Neighbors: Encountering Chaucer’s Prioress in the Classroom
Heather Blurton, Hannah Johnson

7. Love Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Fellow: Teaching Gower’s Representation of the Unethical Jew
Emily Houlik-Ritchey

Part II. Theatrical Interventions and Anti-Judaism

8. Reading the Other: Teaching Chaucer’s The Prioress’s Tale in Its Late Medieval Context
Alfred Thomas

9. The Chosen and the Chastised: Naming Jews in the York Mystery Plays
William A. Quinn

10. Performing Jewishness in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament

Kathy Lavezzo

11. The Norwich Blood Libel Mounted Once Again: A Pedagogy for Tolerance in Arnold Wesker’s Blood Libel (1991)
Eric Alexander G. Binnie

Part III. Visual and Geographic Entanglements

12. Illuminating Difference: Christian Images of Jews in Medieval English Manuscripts
Susanna Bede Caroselli

13. Visualizing the Jewish Other in Chaucer’s The Prioress’s Tale

Barbara Stevenson

14. Thomas of Monmouth’s The Life and Passion of William of Norwich: Mapping Commemorative Violence
Denise L. Despres

15. “You Had to Have Been There”: The Importance of Place in Teaching Jewish History and Literature
Lisa Lampert-Weissig

Part IV. Innovating the Curriculum: Lesser-Known Texts and New Perspectives on Jewish Presence

16. Why Not Read Petrus Alfonsi’s Disciplina clericalis in the British Literature Survey?
Gabriel Ford

17. Bringing Meir b. Elijah of Norwich into the Classroom: Discovering a Medieval Minority Poet
Miriamne Ara Krummel

18. Teaching Jewish and Christian Daily Interaction in Medieval England
Charlotte Newman Goldy

19. Difficult Sameness and Weird Time: Starting with The Siege of Jerusalem

Adrienne Williams Boyarin

Keywords: Literature, Medieval Literature, History of Medieval Europe, Jewish Cultural Studies

Publication year
The New Middle Ages
Page amount
28 pages
Litterary Studies
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