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Imaging Acute Abdomen in Children

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Paediatric Emergencies: What Is It about? What Approach?
François Dubos

2. Surgical Pediatric Imaging: What is It About? What Approach?
Rony Sfeir

3. Imaging and Emergency: What Modalities? What Strategies?
Philippe Petit, Fred E. Avni

Part II. The Prematurely Born

4. Abdominal Complications in the Premature Infant
Fred E. Avni, Annie Lahoche, Laurent Storme, Veronica Donoghue

Part III. The Newborn Including The Impact of Antenatal Diagnosis

5. Abdominal Neonatal Emergencies Considering Prenatal Diagnosis
Marie Cassart, Fred E. Avni

6. (Acute) Renal Failure in the Full Term Neonate
Fred E. Avni, Annie Lahoche

7. Acute Presentation of Anomalies of the Digestive Tract During the Neonatal Period
Elisa Amzallag-Bellenger, Rony Sfeir, Veronica Donoghue, Fred E. Avni

8. Obstructive Cholestasis and Acute Hepatobiliary Diseases in the Neonate
Stéphanie Franchi-Abella, Danièle Pariente

Part IV. Any Age: Digestive Tract

9. Acute and Subacute Intestinal Obstructions
Eléonore Blondiaux, Winnie Mar

10. Appendicitis
Alexia Dabadie, Philippe Petit

11. Meckel’s Diverticulum
Brigitte Bourlière, Philippe Petit

12. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Nathalie Colavolpe, Stuart Taylor, Philippe Petit

13. Acute Intestinal Intussusception
Alexia Dabadie, Philippe Petit

14. Diseases of the Peritoneum, Mesentery, and Omentum
Fred E. Avni, Paul Humphries

15. Acute Hepato-Biliary Diseases in Children
Stéphanie Franchi-Abella, Danièle Pariente

16. Acute Pancreatitis (AP)
Alexia Dabadie, Philippe Petit

17. Acute Presentations of Splenic Diseases
Fred E. Avni, Catherine M. Owens

Part V. Any Age: The Uro-Genital Tract

18. Urinary Tract Infection
Pierre-Hugues Vivier, Adnan Hassani

19. Imaging Urolithiasis and Their Complications
Fred E. Avni, R.-H. Priso, Robert Novo

20. Acute Urinary Tract Obstruction and Urological Emergencies
Fred E. Avni, René-Hilaire Priso

21. Acute Renal Failure in Children
Fred E. Avni, Annie Lahoche

22. Complicated Urachal Remnants
Fred E. Avni

23. Complications of Renal Graft
Audrey Aschero, Philippe Petit

24. Imaging Emergency Pelvic Diseases in Girls
Pauline Verpillat, Jean-François Chateil, Chantal Durand, Fred E. Avni

Part VI. Any Age: General Overviews

25. Abdominal Trauma
Kathia Chaumoitre, Philippe Petit

26. Foreign Bodies
Alexia Dabadie, Philippe Petit

27. Acute Abdominal Presentations of Neoplasia and Malignant Hemopathies
Anne M. J. B. Smets, Nathalie Rocourt, Eline E. Deurloo, Elisa Amzallag-Bellenger

28. Acute (Abdominal) Presentations of Non-malignant Hemopathies
Elisa Amzallag-Bellenger, Anne Smets, Fred E. Avni

29. Acute Abdominal Presentation of Systemic Diseases and Vasculitis
Catherine Desvignes, Philippe Petit

30. At the Boundaries of the Abdominal Cavity
Fred E. Avni, Nathalie Boutry, Philippe Petit

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Diagnostic Radiology, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Urology

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