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The Nexus: Energy, Environment and Climate Change

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Table of contents

Part I. Energy

1. Decarbonising the Finnish Transport Sector by 2050—Electricity or Biofuels?
Klaus Skytte, Rasmus Bramstoft Pedersen

2. Modelling Electricity Generation from Sugarcane Production System Using Systems Dynamics
Mutanga Shingirirai Savious, Marne Vries

3. Techno-Economic Viability of Husk Powered Systems for Rural Electrification in Uganda: Part I: Sustainability and Power Potential Aspects
Yonah K. Turinayo, Mackay A. E. Okure

4. Techno-Economic Viability of Husk Powered Systems for Rural Electrification in Uganda: Part II: Economic and Policy Aspects
Mackay A. E. Okure, Yonah K. Turinayo, Samuel B. Kucel

5. Stand-Alone Wind or Photovoltaic Power System: A Holistic Approach for System Design and Selection
Yatindra Kumar Ramgolam, Roobesh Thumiah

6. Energie Hill Neu Wulmstorf—Reuse of a Former Landfill Site for Energy Production from Renewable Energy
Stefan Lübben, Tilmann Wolfsteller

7. Assessing Energy Potential from Waste Tyres in Mauritius by Direct Combustion, Pyrolysis and Gasification
Akshaye Rekhaye, Pratima Jeetah

8. A Review of Thermochemical Technologies for the Conversion of Waste Biomass to Biofuel and Energy in Developing Countries
Y. P. Rago, R. Mohee, D. Surroop

9. An Energy Balance Analysis of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) for Power Production in Fiji
Shirleen Swapna, Anirudh Singh

10. Potential of Small-Scale Power Generation from the MSW Incineration Techniques in Fiji
Arvind Kumar, Anirudh Singh

11. Replacing Fossil Fuel with PV Systems Through Technical Capacity Building in Kenya
Izael Silva, Ronoh Geoffrey, Teddy Nalubega, Mwaura Njogu

12. Design Technology for Bioenergy Conversion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste
Anthony Njuguna Matheri, Charles Mbohwa, Mohamed Belaid, Jane Catherine Ngila

Part II. Environment

Zymomonas mobilis—Towards Bacterial Biofuel
Kim G. Clarke, Thapelo Mokomele, Linda H. Callanan, Jeanne Groenewald

14. Co-digestion of Lawn Grass with Cow Dung and Pig Manure Under Anaerobic Condition
Suraya Singh, Anthony Njuguna Matheri, Mohamed Belaid, Edison Muzenda

15. Application of Different Pre-treatment Techniques for Enhanced Biogas Production from Lawn Grass: A Review
N. T. Sibiya, H. Tesfagiogis, E. Muzenda

16. Design and Operation of a Single-Stage Plug-Flow Digester Using Organic Wastes Generated from University of Mauritius Cafeteria
Geeta Somaroo, Santaram Venkannah, Anuksha Boojhawon, Sanjana Gunasee, Romeela Mohee, Hemraj Ramnarain

17. Possible Absorbent Regeneration in Biogas Purification and Upgrading: A Review
O. I. Maile, H. Tesfagiorgis, E. Muzenda

18. Wastewater Biorefineries: Integrating Water Treatment and Value Recovery
Robert Pott, Madelyn Johnstone-Robertson, Bernelle Verster, Shilpa Rumjeet, Lefa Nkadimeng, Tayana Raper, Sharon Rademeyer, Susan T. L. Harrison

Part III. Climate Change

19. Small is Beautiful: Why a Club Approach is the Way to Go in Climate Change Mitigation
Rafael Leal-Arcas

20. Contextualizing of Organized Labour Position on Carbon Tax in South Africa Using a Qualitative System Dynamics Model
Martin Kaggwa

21. A Step-by-Step Calculation of the Combined Margin Grid Emission Factor of the National Electricity System of Mauritius
Prakash N. K. Deenapanray, Sanjay Sookhraz

22. Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions from Solid Waste Management: Prognosis of Related Issues
Sunjaya Leelah, Ackmez Mudhoo

23. Assessing the Implementation of Eco-Driving in Mauritius—A Climate Change Mitigation Measure
Joanna Doorghen-Gorden, Manta Devi Nowbuth, Virendra Proag

24. The Nexus Energy, Environment and Climate Change: Future Trends
Walter Leal Filho

Keywords: Energy, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Climate Change Management and Policy, Development and Sustainability, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Energy Security, Renewable and Green Energy

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Green Energy and Technology
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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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