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Geometric Methods in Physics XXXV

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Table of contents

1. In Memory of S. Twareque Ali
Gerald A. Goldin

Part I. Geometry & Physics

2. Quasi-periodic Algebras and Their Physical Automorphisms
A. Antonevich, A. Glaz

3. Berezin Symbols on Lie Groups
Ingrid Beltiţă, Daniel Beltiţă, Benjamin Cahen

4. A Curious Differential Calculus on the Quantum Disc and Cones
Tomasz Brzeziński, Ludwik Dąbrowski

5. Nambu Mechanics: Symmetries and Conserved Quantities
Marián Fecko

6. The Triple Reduced Product and Hamiltonian Flows
L. Jeffrey, S. Rayan, G. Seal, P. Selick, J. Weitsman

7. The Puzzle of Empty Bottle in Quantum Theories
Bogdan Mielnik

8. Poisson Transforms for Tensor Products in Compact Picture
Vladimir F. Molchanov

9. Conformal Symmetry Breaking Operators for Anti-de Sitter Spaces
Toshiyuki Kobayashi, Toshihisa Kubo, Michael Pevzner

10. Hamilton Operators and Related Integrable Differential Algebraic Novikov–Leibniz Type Structures
Anatolij K. Prykarpatski

11. An Algebraic Background for Hierarchies of PDE in Dimension (2|1)
Claude Roger

12. Lagrangian Manifolds and Maslov Indices Corresponding to the Spectral Series of the Schrödinger Operators with Delta-potentials
Andrey I. Shafarevich

13. Electronic Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons in a Uniform Magnetic Field
Jan Smotlacha, Richard Pincak

14. Formal Normal Forms for Germs of Vector Fields with Quadratic Leading Part. The Rational First Integral Case
Ewa Stróżyna

15. The Poncelet Theorems in Interpretation of Rafaɫ Koɫodziej
Henryk Żoɫądek

16. Weighted Szegő Kernels
Zbigniew Pasternak-Winiarski, Tomasz Lukasz Zynda

Part II. Integrability & Geometry

17. On a Conjecture of Hong and Won
Ivan Cheltsov

18. Short-time Behavior of the Exciton-polariton Equations
Cristi D. Guevara, Stephen P. Shipman

19. Periods of Mixed Tate Motives over Real Quadratic Number Rings
Ivan Horozov

20. Soliton Hierarchies from Matrix Loop Algebras
Wen-Xiu Ma, Xing Lü

21. On the Ground State Energy of the Delta-function Fermi Gas II: Further Asymptotics
Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom

22. Non-periodic One-gap Potentials in Quantum Mechanics
Dmitry Zakharov, Vladimir Zakharov

Part III. Abstracts of the Lectures at “School on Geometry and Physics”

23. Integrable Geodesic Flows
Alexey Bolsinov

24. Anyonic Fock Spaces, q-CCR Relations for


and Relations with Yang–Baxter Operators
Marek Bozejko

25. Differential and Integral Forms on Non-commutative Algebras
Tomasz Brzeziński

26. General Relativity Theory and Its Canonical Structure
Jerzy Kijowski

27. Exponential Formulae in Quantum Theories
Bogdan Mielnik

28. Complex Algebraic Geometry Applied to Integrable Dynamics: Concrete Examples and Open Problems
E. Previato

29. Volumes of Classical Supermanifolds
Theodore Voronov

Keywords: Mathematics, Global Analysis and Analysis on Manifolds, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Group Theory and Generalizations, Special Functions, Geometry

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Trends in Mathematics
Natural Sciences
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