Ball, Chad G.

Treatment of Ongoing Hemorrhage

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Table of contents

1. Medical Principles of Hemostasis: Just Give Me the Nuts and Bolts!
Paul B. McBeth

2. Surgical Principles of Hemostasis: Ideas Worth Considering
Elijah Dixon, Chad G. Ball

3. Endovascular Management of Hemorrhage: Playing Video Games
Jason K. Wong

4. Head and Neck Hemorrhage: What Do I Do Now?
Pradeep Navsaria

5. Major Pulmonary Hemorrhage: Breathing Underwater
Colin Schieman, Sean C. Grondin

6. Cardiac Hemorrhage: Treatment of the Bleeding Heart
Andrew John Nicol

7. Thoracic Vascular and Great Vessel Hemorrhage: Big Red and Big Blue
Joseph J. DuBose, Kristofer M. Charlton-Ouw

8. Abdominal Vascular Hemorrhage: More than Just Clamp and Sew
David V. Feliciano

9. Liver Trauma Hemorrhage: The Bleeding Won’t Stop!
Chad G. Ball, Elijah Dixon

10. Liver Resection Hemorrhage: Prevention is the Key!
Elijah Dixon, Chad G. Ball

11. Liver Transplantation Hemorrhage: Taking Bleeding to Another Level
Alan W. Hemming, Kristin L. Mekeel

12. Pancreas Resection and Pancreatitis Hemorrhage: Taking Years Off Your Life
Parsia A. Vagefi, Madhukar S. Patel, Keith D. Lillemoe

13. Pancreas Trauma Hemorrhage: So Much Trouble from this Small Organ
Chad G. Ball, Elijah Dixon

14. Genitourinary and Splenic Hemorrhage: We’re Important Organs Too!
Stefan W. Leichtle, Kenji Inaba

15. Pelvic Trauma Hemorrhage: How Do We Stop Bleeding in that Space?
Clay Cothren Burlew, Charles Fox, Ernest E. Moore

16. Vascular Damage Control Techniques: What Do I Do When All Else Fails?
Chad G. Ball

17. Extremity Trauma Hemorrhage: More than Just a Tourniquet
Nathan R. Manley, Martin A. Croce

18. Endoscopic Hemorrhage: This is Even Harder than the Laparoscope!
Rachid Mohamed

19. Laparoscopic Hemorrhage: Do We Have to Open?
Scott Gmora

20. Hemorrhage in Prehospital and Extreme Environments: We Can’t Just Go Home
Andrew W. Kirkpatrick

21. Hemorrhage in theCritical Care Environment: Do We Have to GoBack to theOR?
Neil G. Parry, Morad Hameed

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