Frenkel, Ilia

Recent Advances in Multi-state Systems Reliability

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Table of contents

Part I. Modern Mathematical Methods for Multi-state System Reliability Analysis

1. Reliability of a Network with Heterogeneous Components
Ilya B. Gertsbakh, Yoseph Shpungin, Radislav Vaisman

2. Reliability Analysis of Complex Multi-state System with Common Cause Failure Based on DS Evidence Theory and Bayesian Network
Jinhua Mi, Yan-Feng Li, Weiwen Peng, Hong-Zhong Huang

3. A D-MMAP to Model a Complex Multi-state System with Loss of Units
Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro

4. Modeling and Inference for Multi-state Systems
Vlad Stefan Barbu, Alex Karagrigoriou

5. Optimizing Availability and Performance of a Two-Unit Redundant Multi-state Deteriorating System
Sonia Malefaki, Vasilis P. Koutras, Agapios N. Platis

6. Phase-Type Models and Their Extension to Competing Risks
Bo Henry Lindqvist, Susanne Hodneland Kjølen

7. A Study on Repairable Series Systems with Markov Repairable Units
He Yi, Lirong Cui

8. Dynamic Performance of Series Parallel Multi-state Systems with Standby Subsystems or Repairable Binary Elements
Gregory Levitin, Liudong Xing

9. Optimal Imperfect Maintenance in a Multi-state System
Stephanie Dietrich, Waltraud Kahle

10. Reliability Evaluation of Non-repairable Multi-state Systems Considering Survival-Death Markov Processes
Yan Yuan, Yi Ding, Chuanxin Guo, Yuanzhang Sun

11. Reliability Assessment of Systems with Dependent Degradation Processes Based on Piecewise-Deterministic Markov Process
Yan-Hui Lin, Yan-Fu Li, Enrico Zio

12. Trade-Off Between Redundancy, Protection, and Imperfect False Targets in Defending Parallel Systems
Hui Xiao, Rui Peng

13. Optimal Testing Resources Allocation for Improving Reliability Assessment of Non-repairable Multi-state Systems
Yu Liu, Tao Jiang, Peng Lin

14. Topological Analysis of Multi-state Systems Based on Direct Partial Logic Derivatives
Miroslav Kvassay, Elena Zaitseva

Part II. Applications and Case Studies

15. Short-Term Reliability Analysis of Power Plants with Several Combined Cycle Units
Anatoly Lisnianski, David Laredo, Hanoch Ben Haim

16. Reliability Analysis of a Modified IEEE 6BUS RBTS Multi-state System
Thomas Markopoulos, Agapios N. Platis

17. Lz-Transform Approach for Fault Tolerance Assessment of Various Traction Drives Topologies of Hybrid-Electric Helicopter
Ilia Frenkel, Igor Bolvashenkov, Hans-Georg Herzog, Lev Khvatskin

18. Patient Diagnostic State Evolution During Hospitalization: Developing a Model for Measuring Clinical Diagnostic Dynamics
Yariv N. Marmor, Emil Bashkansky

19. Automated Development of the Markovian Chains to Assess the Availability and Performance of Multi-state Multiprocessor System
Bogdan Volochiy, Oleksandr Mulyak, Vyacheslav Kharchenko

Keywords: Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Mathematical and Computational Engineering

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Springer Series in Reliability Engineering
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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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