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Transforming Assessment

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Table of contents

Part I. Background

1. The Concept of Competence and Its Relevance for Science, Technology and Mathematics Education
Mathias Ropohl, Jan Alexis Nielsen, Christopher Olley, Silke Rönnebeck, Kay Stables

2. The Teaching and Assessment of Inquiry Competences
Silke Rönnebeck, Jan Alexis Nielsen, Christopher Olley, Mathias Ropohl, Kay Stables

3. Exploring Relations Between Formative and Summative Assessment
Jens Dolin, Paul Black, Wynne Harlen, Andrée Tiberghien

Part II. Practice

4. Assessment On-the-Fly: Promoting and Collecting Evidence of Learning Through Dialogue
Christine Harrison, Costas P. Constantinou, Catarina F. Correia, Michel Grangeat, Markus Hähkiöniemi, Michalis Livitzis, Pasi Nieminen, Nikos Papadouris, Elie Rached, Natasha Serret, Andrée Tiberghien, Jouni Viiri

5. The Structured Assessment Dialogue
Jens Dolin, Jesper Bruun, Sanne S. Nielsen, Sofie Birch Jensen, Pasi Nieminen

6. Students’ Perspectives on Peer Assessment
Florence Hebel, Costas P. Constantinou, Alena Hospesova, Regula Grob, Monika Holmeier, Pascale Montpied, Marianne Moulin, Jan Petr, Lukáš Rokos, Iva Stuchlíková, Andrée Tiberghien, Olia Tsivitanidou, Iva Žlábková

7. Written Teacher Feedback: Aspects of Quality, Benefits and Challenges
Monika Holmeier, Regula Grob, Jan Alexis Nielsen, Silke Rönnebeck, Mathias Ropohl

Part III. General Reflections

8. European Educational Systems and Assessment Practice
Robert Evans, David Cross, Michel Grangeat, Laurent Lima, Nadia Nakhili, Elie Rached, Mathias Ropohl, Silke Rönnebeck

9. Teacher Perspectives About Using Formative Assessment
Robert Evans, Rose Clesham, Jens Dolin, Alena Hošpesová, Sofie Birch Jensen, Jan Alexis Nielsen, Iva Stuchlíková, Sofie Tidemand, Iva Žlábková

10. Policy Aspects: How to Change Practice and in What Direction
Jens Dolin, Jesper Bruun, Costas P. Constantinou, Justin Dillon, Doris Jorde, Peter Labudde

11. Transforming Assessment Research: Recommendations for Future Research
Jan Alexis Nielsen, Jens Dolin, Sofie Tidemand

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Learning & Instruction, Research Methods in Education, Mathematics Education

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Contributions from Science Education Research
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20 pages
Upbringing, Education
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