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Nearly Zero Energy Communities

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Table of contents

1. Implementing Renewable Energy Systems in Nearly Zero Energy Communities
Ion Visa, Anca Duta, Macedon Moldovan, Bogdan Burduhos

2. Refurbishment Solutions for Public Buildings Towards Nearly Zero Energy Performance
Laura Aelenei, Helder Gonçalves

3. Renewable Energy Management Using Embedded Smart Systems
Viorel Miron-Alexe, Iulian Bancuta, Nicolae Vasile

4. The Role of Energy Management Systems in nZEB and nZEC
Bogdan Burduhos, Anca Duta, Macedon Moldovan

5. EfDeN Prototype - A Sustainable and Low Energy Consumption House Presented at Solar Decathlon 2014
Tiberiu Catalina, Mihai Baiceanu, Eduard-Daniel Raducanu, Mihai Toader Pasti, Claudiu Butacu

6. Building with the Sun. Passive Solar Daylighting Systems in Architecture
Ana-Maria Dabija

7. Energy Initiatives in Europe
Yoram Krozer

8. Energy Consumption in Buildings. Performance Breakdown Analysis Considering the Building Services Efficiency and the Usage Pattern
Eugen Mandric, Mugurel-Florin Talpiga, Florin Iordache

9. On the Problem of the Contemporary Building Energy Systems
Nicolay Mihailov, Ognyan Dinolov, Katerina Gabrovska-Evstatieva, Boris Evstatiev

10. Renewable Energy Systems for a Multi-family Building Community
Macedon Moldovan, Ion Visa

11. Sustainable Solutions for Extensive Retrofitting of Residential Buildings Built in the 1970s
Daniel Muntean, Viorel Ungureanu

12. Materials from Renewable Sources as Thermal Insulation for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB)
Cristian Petcu, Horia-Alexandru Petran, Vasilica Vasile, Mihai-Constantin Toderasc

13. Evaluation of Material Compositions of Sloping Roofs from Environmental and Energy Perspectives
Silvia Vilcekova, Eva Kridlova Burdova, Marek Kusnir

14. Solutions to Reduce Energy Consumption in Buildings. Green Roofs Made up of Succulent Plants
Ileana Nicolae, Sorina Petra

15. Simulation-Based Investigation of the Air Velocity in a Naturally Ventilated BIPV System
Rafaela Agathokleous, Soteris Kalogirou

16. Design Aspects of Building Integrated Solar Tile Collectors
Istvan Fekete, Istvan Farkas

17. Modelling and Simulation of the Solar - Biomass Base Heating System for Low Energy Buildings Developed for Rural Area
Sándor Bartha, Boglárka Vajda

18. Closed Sorption Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage with Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide
Mihaela Dudita, Xavier Daguenet-Frick, Paul Gantenbein

19. Comparative Analysis of the Energy Demand by Standard Method and the TRNSYS-Weather Data Method
Adrian Constantin Ilie, Ion Visa

20. Development of Black and Red Absorber Coatings for Solar Thermal Collectors
Luminita Isac, Ramona Panait, Alexandru Enesca, Cristina Bogatu, Dana Perniu, Anca Duta

21. A New Approach on the Protection Against Overheating of Flat Plate Solar-Thermal Collectors
Mircea Neagoe, Ion Visa, Anca Duta, Nadia Cretescu

22. Numerical Assessment of a Dynamic Daily Heating Unit Using Both Solar Collector and Heat Pump Coupled in a Dynamic Working
Mugurel-Florin Talpiga, Eugen Mandric, Florin Iordache

23. Optimized Management for Photovoltaic Applications Based on LEDs by Fuzzy Logic Control and Maximum Power Point Tracking
Dan Craciunescu, Laurentiu Fara, Paul Sterian, Andreea Bobei, Florin Dragan

24. Characterizing the Variability of High Resolution Solar Irradiance Data Series
Robert Blaga, Marius Paulescu

25. Semiconductor Graphenes for Photovoltaics
Doru Buzatu, Marius Mirica, Mihai Putz

26. Deployable Mobile Units Concepts for Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Arrays
Mihai Comsit, Macedon Moldovan, Mircea Neagoe

27. Recycling Silicon-PV Modules in Composites with PVC, HDPE and Rubber Wastes
Mihaela Cosnita, Cristina Cazan, Anca Duta, Ion Visa

28. Sizing and Optimization of Cost-Efficient PV Generator System at Residential Buildings in the Region of Ruse, Bulgaria
Katerina Gabrovska-Evstatieva, Boris Evstatiev, Ognyan Dinolov, Nicolay Mihailov

29. Modular Electrochemical Reactivity for Photovoltaics’ Machines
Mirela Iorga, Marius Mirica, Mihai Putz

30. The Efficiency and the Profitability of the Photovoltaic Panels as Generator for Household Electricity in the Region of Banat/Romania
Stefan Pavel, Ioan Silviu Dobosi, Daniel Stan, Gabriel Fischer Szava

31. Extracting the I-V Characteristics of the PV Modules from the Manufacture’s Datasheet
Andreea Sabadus, Marius Paulescu, Viorel Badescu

32. PV-Wind Hybrid System for the Energy Supply of an Off-Grid Application
Codruta Jaliu, Radu Saulescu, Daniela Ciobanu, Florin Panaite

33. Large Conversion Ratio DC-DC Hybrid Converters for Renewable Energy Applications
Nicolae Muntean, Octavian Cornea, Dan Hulea

34. Life Cycle Assessment of the Romanian Electricity Mix: Impacts, Trends and Challenges
George Barjoveanu, Carmen Teodosiu, Daniela Cailean (Gavrilescu)

35. Developing Modified Hydrodynamic Rotor for Flow Small Hydro
Ion Bostan, Viorel Bostan, Valeriu Dulgheru, Oleg Ciobanu, Radu Ciobanu, Vitalie Gladis

36. Development of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for the Production of Thermal Energy
Viorel Bostan, Ion Bostan, Ion Sobor, Valeriu Dulgheru, Vitalie Gladis

37. Sustainable Autonomous System for Nitrites/Nitrates and Heavy Metals Monitoring of Natural Water Sources (WaterSafe)
Mariuca Gartner, Carmen Moldovan, Marin Gheorghe, Anca Duta, Miklos Fried, Ferenc Vonderviszt

38. Design and Development of TiO2 Based Dispersions for Photocatalytic Fabrics
Cristina Bogatu, Dana Perniu, Luminita Isac, Maria Covei, Anca Duta

39. Sustainable Wastewater Treatment for Households in Small Communities
Alexandru Enesca, Luminita Andronic, Anca Duta, Ion Visa

40. Compost Based on Biomass Wastes Used as Biofertilizers or as Sorbents
Ileana Manciulea, Lucia Dumitrescu, Cristina Bogatu, Camelia Draghici, Dora Lucaci

41. A Comparative Analysis of Pollutants Adsorption and Photocatalysis on Composite Materials Synthesized from Fly Ash
Maria Visa, Nicoleta Popa, Andreea Chelaru

42. Extending Production Waste Life Cycle and Energy Saving by Eco-Innovation and Eco-Design: The Case of Packaging Manufacturing
Maria Gavrilescu, Teofil Campean, Dan-Alexandru Gavrilescu

43. Sustainability - A Principle of Education in Architecture (and Not Only)
Ana-Maria Dabija

44. Sustainable Energy in Buildings: Academy Massive Open Online Courses
Carlos Silva, Laura Aelenei

45. Competences Development - Towards an Effective Implementation of nZEB in Romania
Horia-Alexandru Petran, Marian-Ciprian Niculuta, Cristian Petcu

46. P.A.E.S. Project and Housing Policies for Sustainable Buildings
Renato Olivito, Mircea Neagoe, Petru Mihai, Nikolaos Karanasios, Eva Krìdlova Burdovà, Marco Della Puppa

47. Maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems - A Challenge in Academic Education
Sanda Budea, Carmen-Anca Safta

48. Sustainable Buildings - Technological Innovation or a Different Way of Interpreting the Traditional House
Teodora Raduca

49. Multi-functional Products - A Way to Decrease the Products Environmental Impact
Anca Barsan, Lucian Barsan, Aurelian Leu, Larisa Zafiu

50. Using “Serious Game” for Children and Youth Education in Sustainable Energy Field and Environment Protection
Mihaela-Ioana Baritz

51. Erratum to: Energy Consumption in Buildings. Performance Breakdown Analysis Considering the Building Services Efficiency and the Usage Pattern
Eugen Mandric, Mugurel-Florin Talpiga, Florin Iordache

Keywords: Energy, Sustainable Architecture/Green Buildings, Energy Materials, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental and Sustainability Education, Energy Policy, Economics and Management

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