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Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation X

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Table of contents

Part I. Keynote Papers

1. The Application of Combustion LES Within Industry
Ruud L. G. M. Eggels

2. Reliability of Large-Eddy Simulations: Benchmarking and Uncertainty Quantification
M. V. Salvetti, M. Meldi, L. Bruno, P. Sagaut

3. Large-Scale Compressible-Flow Direct Numerical Simulations
R. D. Sandberg

4. DNS and LES of Transitional and Two-Phase Flows
D. Thévenin

5. Direct and Large-Eddy Simulations of Biological Flows
M. Vanella, S. Wang, E. Balaras

6. Understanding Entrainment Processes in the Atmosphere: The Role of Numerical Simulation
Maarten Reeuwijk, Harm J. J. Jonker

Part II. LES Quality

7. Application and Extension of a Synthetic Turbulence Inflow Generator Within a Hybrid LES–URANS Methodology
S. Schmidt, M. Breuer

8. Reliability of Wall Shear Stress Estimations in Front of a Wall-Mounted Cylinder
Wolfgang Schanderl, Michael Manhart

9. Hydrodynamic - Acoustic Filtering of a Supersonic Under-Expanded Jet
C. Pérez Arroyo, G. Daviller, G. Puigt, C. Airiau

10. Large Eddy Simulation of an Asymmetric Jet in Crossflow
M. Folkersma, J. Bodart

11. LES in a Concentric Annular Pipe: Analysis of Mesh Sensitivity and Wall Pressure Fluctuations
S. Bhattacharjee, G. Ricciardi, S. Viazzo

12. Uncertainty Quantification in Large-Eddy Simulations of the Flow Around a 5:1 Rectangular Cylinder
L. Siconolfi, A. Mariotti, M. V. Salvetti

13. Effects of the Subgrid-Scale Modeling in the Large-Eddy Simulations of Wind Turbines
U. Ciri, M. V. Salvetti, K. Carrasquillo, C. Santoni, G. V. Iungo, S. Leonardi

Part III. Multiphase

14. Particle Agglomeration in Turbulent Flows: A LES Investigation Based on a Deterministic Collision and Agglomeration Model
M. Breuer, N. Almohammed

15. DNS of the Rising Motion of a Swarm of Bubbles in a Confined Vertical Channel
N. Balcázar, O. Lehmkuhl, J. Castro, A. Oliva

16. LES of Cavitating Nozzle and Jet Flows
F. Örley, T. Trummler, M. S. Mihatsch, S. J. Schmidt, S. Hickel

17. Particle Laden Pipe Flows: Turbulence Modulation
R. Messina, F. Battista, P. Gualtieri, C. M. Casciola

Part IV. LES Fundamentals

18. Physical Scaling of Numerical Dissipation for LES
T. Dairay, E. Lamballais, S. Laizet, J. C. Vassilicos

19. A Discrete Scale-Truncation Model for LES
Roel Verstappen

20. Building Proper Invariants for Large-Eddy Simulation
F. X. Trias, D. Folch, A. Gorobets, A. Oliva

21. Boundary Layer Separation Under Strong Adverse Pressure Gradient over Smooth and Rough Walls
Pouya Mottaghian, Junlin Yuan, Ugo Piomelli

22. Comparison of DNS of Compressible and Incompressible Turbulent Droplet-Laden Heated Channel Flow with Phase Transition
A. Bukhvostova, E. Russo, J. G. M. Kuerten, Bernard J. Geurts

Part V. LES Modeling

23. A Novel Approach for Wall Modeling in LES of Wall-Bounded High-Reynolds-Number Flow via Function Enrichment
B. Krank, W. A. Wall

24. Influence of Periodic Forcing on Laminar Separation Bubble
E. ElJack, I. AlQadi, J. AlMutairi

25. Transition Location Effect on Oblique Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interaction at M=1.5
A. Sansica, N. D. Sandham, Z. Hu

26. Adaptive LES of Immersed-Body Flows Based on Variable Wavelet Threshold Filtering
G. De Stefano, A. Nejadmalayeri , O. V. Vasilyev

27. A Strip Modelling of Flow Past a Freely Vibrating Cable
Y. Bao, R. Palacios, M. Graham, S. Sherwin

28. One-Sided Fluid–Structure–Acoustic Interaction for Turbulent Flow over a Step
M. Springer, C. Scheit, S. Becker

29. Study of Stochastic Models for Subgrid Dispersion in Lagrangian-Eulerian Formulation
J. Muela, O. Lehmkuhl, A. Oliva

30. Large Eddy Simulation of the Flow Around a Simplified Car Model
K. Nusser, S. Müller, C. Scheit, M. Oswald, S. Becker

31. Wake Prediction of a Marine Propeller: The Role of the Turbulence Closures
E. Guilmineau, G. B. Deng, A. Leroyer, P. Queutey, M. Visonneau, J. Wackers

32. Coherent Structures in a Flow Past a Circular Cylinder at Critical and Super-Critical Reynolds Numbers
I. Rodríguez, O. Lehmkuhl, J. Chiva, R. Borrell, A. Oliva

33. Wall-Modeled Large Eddy Simulation for Rotating Flows
N. A. Loppi, J. Bodart, G. Dufour

Part VI. Industrial Applications

34. Hybrid LES of a High Pressure Turbine Nozzle/Blade Interaction
J. E. Kopriva, G. M. Laskowski, M. R. H. Sheikhi

35. Turbulent Fluid Flow over Aerodynamically Rough Surfaces Using Direct Numerical Simulations
M. Thakkar, A. Busse, N. D. Sandham

36. Wall Modeled Large Eddy Simulation of the VFE-2 Delta Wing
C. Zwerger, S. Hickel, C. Breitsamter, N. Adams

37. An Embedded Flow Simulation Methodology for Flow over Fence Simulations
K. Anupindi, R. D. Sandberg

38. LES of a Simplified HVAC System Used for Aeroacoustic Predictions
S. Rolfo, C. Moulinec, D. R. Emerson, J. Lirvat

39. High-Order Hybrid RANS/LES Strategy for Industrial Applications
G. Pont, P. Brenner, P. Cinnella, J.-C. Robinet

40. Numerical Investigation of Flow Dynamics of Turbulent Flow Through Ribbed Pipes
A. Twerda, B. J. Boersma

41. Direct Numerical Simulations of the Shock-Induced Separation of a Laminar Boundary Layer
G. Fournier, A. Chpoun, Y. Fraigneau, C. Tenaud

42. Secondary Instability and Subcritical Transition in the Leading-Edge Boundary Layer
M. O. John, D. Obrist, L. Kleiser

Part VII. Biological Flows

43. The Effect of Flow Rate and Electrostatic Charge on Aerosol Deposition in a Realistic Lung Geometry
P. G. Koullapis, S. C. Kassinos

44. Particle-Laden Flow in a Physiologically Realistic Human Airway Bifurcation
F. S. Stylianou, S. C. Kassinos

Part VIII. Reacting Flows and Combustion

45. The Implementation of 5-D FGM for LES of a Gas Turbine Model Combustor with Heat Loss
A. Donini, R. J. M. Bastiaans, J. A. van Oijen, L. P. H. Goey

46. LES-IB Study of Mixing Enhancement by Polygonal Orifices and Wavy Walls
A. Tyliszczak, M. Ksiezyk, Bernard J. Geurts

47. Instability of Supersonic Ramp Flow with Intermittent Transition to Turbulence
Kangping Zhang, Neil D. Sandham, Zhiwei Hu

48. Direct Numerical Simulation of Biomass Combustion in a Turbulent Particle-Laden Channel Flow
A. Awasthi, J. G. M. Kuerten, Bernard J. Geurts

49. DNS of Premixed Turbulent Hydrogen Flames in Distributed Burning Regime
Z. H. Zhang, Y. Chen, K. H. Luo

50. DNS of Burning N-Heptane Droplets: Auto-Ignition and Turbulence Modulation Mechanisms
Abouelmagd Abdelsamie, Dominique Thévenin

51. DNS of Turbulent Lean Premixed Syngas Flames at Elevated Pressures
K. K. J. Ranga Dinesh, H. Shalaby, K. H. Luo, D. Thevenin

52. Analysis of the Interactions of the Precessing Vortex Core with a Spray Flame in a Swirl Burner
L. Guedot, G. Lartigue, V. Moureau

53. The Turbulent Flame Speed of Premixed Spherically Expanding Flames
G. K. Giannakopoulos, C. E. Frouzakis, M. Matalon, A. G. Tomboulides

Part IX. Numerics

54. Boundary Data Immersion Method for DNS of Aero-vibro-acoustic Systems
S. C. Schlanderer, R. D. Sandberg

55. DNS and ILES of Wall Bounded Flows Using a Discontinuous Galerkin Method and Inlet Synthetic Turbulence
S. Zeoli, C. Carton de Wiart, K. Hillewaert, B. Colassin, M. Rasquin, L. Bricteux

56. Investigation of High-Order Methods in Large-Eddy Simulation of Separated Flow in a Channel with Periodic Constrictions
X. Gloerfelt, P. Cinnella

57. DNS of a Lower Curved Wall Channel: Turbulent Separation
J.-P. Mollicone, F. Battista, C. M. Casciola

58. Turbulence Modification in a Pipe Flow Due to Superhydrophobic Walls
R. Costantini, F. Battista, C. M. Casciola

Part X. Environmental Flows

59. Conditional Averaging for the Onset of Erosion of Single Particles in a Turbulent Open-Channel Flow
B. Vowinckel, R. Jain, T. Kempe, Jochen Fröhlich

60. Simulation of Large Wind Farms in the Conventionally Neutral Atmospheric Boundary Layer Using LES
D. Allaerts, J. Meyers

61. Direct and Large Eddy Simulations of Droplet Condensation in Turbulent Warm Clouds
G. Sardina, F. Picano, L. Brandt, R. Caballero

62. Large Eddy Simulation of Flow over Dunes Laden with Inertial Particles
E. N. Fonias, Dimokratis G. E. Grigoriadis

63. Large-Wave Simulation of Breaking Waves Over a Beach
A. A. Dimas, A. S. Dimakopoulos, G. A. Kolokythas

Part XI. Heat and Mass Transfer

64. Natural Convection in Ventilated Building Facades Using LES
Dimokratis G. E. Grigoriadis

65. Velocity Profiles over Hypothetical Urban Areas in Unstable Stratification: Large-Eddy Simulation Approach
Chun-Ho Liu, Man-Chung Chan

66. Buoyancy Effects on Turbulent Heat Transfer Behind a Backward-Facing Step in Liquid Metal Flow
M. Niemann, Jochen Fröhlich

67. Heat Transfer in Droplet-Laden Turbulent Channel Flow with Phase Transition in the Presence of a Thin Film of Water
A. Bukhvostova, J. G. M. Kuerten, Bernard J. Geurts

68. Numerical Predictions of Absolutely Unstable Round Hot Jet
A. Boguslawski, A. Tyliszczak, K. Wawrzak

69. Near Wall Structures in Turbulent Flows with Strong Thermo-Physical Property Variations
J. W. R. Peeters, R. Pecnik, B. J. Boersma, T. H. J. J. Hagen, M. Rohde

70. The Effects of Thermal Boundary Condition on Flow at Supercritical Pressure
H. Nemati, A. Patel, B. J. Boersma, R. Pecnik

71. Turbulent Kinetic Energy Evolution in the Near Field of a Rotating-Pipe Round Jet
R. Mullyadzhanov, S. Abdurakipov, K. Hanjalić

72. Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection in a Cubic Cell
N. Foroozani, J. J. Niemela, Vincenzo Armenio, K. R. Sreenivasan

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Numerical and Computational Physics, Simulation, Computational Science and Engineering

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