Gheorghe, Gheorghe I.

Proceedings of the International Conference of Mechatronics and Cyber-MixMechatronics - 2017

Gheorghe, Gheorghe I. - Proceedings of the International Conference of Mechatronics and Cyber-MixMechatronics - 2017, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Fluctuation of Contact Voltage During Fretting Phases
Rochdi El Abdi, Sofiane El Mossouess, Noureddine Benjemâa, Erwann Carvou, Laurent Doublet

2. Mathematical Model for Determining the Contour of a New Type of Profiled Rotor
Evelina Donisan, Nicolae Băran

3. Reducing the Effects of Flooding Using Local Intelligent Systems
Mihai Mărgăritescu, Ana Maria Eulampia Rolea, Constantin Anghel

4. Conceptual Model of Computerized Nationwide Scale Multiparameter Monitoring System for Drinking Water Quality
Anca Atanasescu, Paul Nicolae Ancuţa, Sorin Sorea, Constantin Anghel, Dănut-Iulian Stanciu

5. The Use of Microtehnologies Processing on Water Aeration Plants Construction
Rareș Păun, Nicolae Băran, Albertino Roza, Beatrice Tănase, Rasha Cusma

6. Researches on the Use of Air Filtration Elements in the Creation of Microbubbles for Water Oxygenation
Nicolae Băran, George Marin, Mihaela Constantin, Rareș Păun, Albertino Roza

7. Direct Dynamics of Gough–Stewart Hexapod Platforms Using the Redundant Parameterisation of Rotations by Full Rotation Matrices
Dan N. Dumitriu, Mihai Mărgăritescu, Ana Maria Eulampia Rolea

8. The Study of Pinion – Rack Mechanism Using Matlab and Spyder-Python
Ciprian Ion Rizescu, Dana Rizescu

9. Experimental Research Relating to the Manufacture of Parts by the Addition of Material
Dana Rizescu, Ciprian Ion Rizescu

10. Load-Based Generic Polca: Performance Assessement Using Simulation
Nuno O. Fernandes, Sílvio Carmo-Silva

11. Research on Implementation Orthopedic Prostheses Ankle by the Process Rapid Prototyping
Ştefan-Cătălin Popescu, Gheorghe I. Gheorghe, Octavian Donţu

12. Some Problems Biocompatible Materials Used for Making Endoprostheses Ankle
Ştefan-Cătălin Popescu, Gheorghe I. Gheorghe, Octavian Donţu, Besnea Daniel

13. Mathematical Modelling of the Induction Soldering Process for the Coils Connection
Ionel Chiriță, E. S. Apostol, Nicolae Tănase, Cristinel Ilie, Marius Popa

14. Mechatronic System for Solar Energy Acquisition
Besnea Daniel, Octavian Donţu, Gheorghe I. Gheorghe, Victor Constantin, Spanu Alina

15. Text Recognition for Objects Identification in the Industry
Pedro M. B. Torres

16. Load Forecasting in WiFi Access Points over the LTE Network
Hugo Marques, Pedro M. B. Torres, Paulo Marques, Rogério Dionísio, Jonathan Rodriguez

17. A New Approach for the Non-linear Analysis of the Deflection of Beams Using Lie Symmetry Groups
M. Amin Changizi, Ion Stiharu, Davut Erdem Sahin

18. Coupling and Assembly Elements Using Microfabrication Technologies
Marius Popa, Cristinel Ilie, Daniel Lipcinski, Ionel Chirita, Nicolae Tanase, Simona Apostol

19. Research Regarding the Design of a Closed-Loop Pneumatic Positioning System Without Using Proportional Equipment
Mihai Avram, Victor Constantin, Amza Meral

20. Pneumatic Linear Incremental Actuator
Constantin Bucșan, Mihai Avram

21. State of the Art Survey on Using Robots in Oil and Gas Industry
Ahmed Sachet Hashim, Bogdan Grămescu, Constantin Niţu

22. Bond Graphs Modelling of Electromagnetic Actuators
Constantin Niţu, Bogdan Grămescu, Mihai Avram

23. Study on Inspection of Circular Parts Used in Mechatronics
Robert Ciobanu, Dana Rizescu, Ciprian Rizescu

24. A New Method for Establishing the Performances of an Optoelectronic Sensor
S. Petrache, D. Duminică, L. A. Cartal, T. C. Apostolescu, G. Ionașcu, L. Bogatu

25. Improving Productivity and Standard Time Updating in an Industrial Company – A Case Study
Mariana Araújo, Gabriela Amaral, Leonilde Varela, José Machado, Justyna Trojanowska

26. Case Study Regarding Measurements Implemented with the Repair Entry a Hydrogregate Campela with Vibro Expert Diagnosis System
Ionel Rusa, Cornel Marin, Marius Baidoc

Keywords: Engineering, Mechatronics, Computational Intelligence

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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