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Psychosocial Risks in Labour and Social Security Law

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Table of contents

1. Work-Related Psychosocial Risks: Key Definitions and an Overview of the Policy Context in Europe
Stavroula Leka, Aditya Jain, Loic Lerouge

Part I. General Legal Perspectives on Psychosocial Risks at Work

2. Health and Safety Law and Psychosocial Risks at Work: A Comparative Overview of France and Other Countries
Loïc Lerouge

3. Comparative Study of the Psychosocial Risks Prevention Enforcement by the European Labour Inspectorates
Manuel Velázquez

4. Effectiveness and Problematic Aspects of the EU Framework on Psychosocial Risks
Marco Peruzzi

5. Prevention of Psychosocial Risks in Labour Law: Role of the Law and Collective Bargaining
Franck Héas

6. Employer Responsibility for the Psychosocial and Psychiatric Well-Being of Employees in the Workplace: A View from the United Kingdom
Roger M. Walden

7. Strength and Weakness of the Swedish Legislation Regarding to Psychosocial Risks
Maria Steinberg

8. Psychosocial Risks and Belgian Labour Law: An Emphasis on Harassment
Véronique Plancke

Part II. Bullying: The Main Psychosocial Risk Legally Recognised

9. Violence and Bullying in Maritime Transport: The Contribution of the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006
Alexandre Charbonneau

10. How to Identify Workplace Bullying. A Case Study Based on Judgement from the Norwegian Court of Appeal
Jan Reidar Gregersen

11. Violence, Bullying and Management: How Do the Courts Address Psychosocial Risks at Work?
Sandrine Laviolette

12. Harassment Protocols in Spain: The Case of Universities
Lourdes Mella Méndez

13. The Right to a Work Environment Free from Psychological Harassment Under Quebec’s Labour Standards Act
Rachel Cox

14. Bullying and Law in Japan
Loïc Lerouge, Shino Naito

15. The Australian Regulatory Framework for Preventing Harassment and Bullying at Work
Richard Johnstone

16. Protections from Workplace Bullying and Psychological Harassment in the United States: A Problem in Search of a Cause of Action
L. Camille Hébert

Part III. From Reparation to Prevention of Psychosocial Risks

17. Workers’ Compensation for Work-Related Mental Health Problems: An Overview of Quebec Law
Katherine Lippel

18. Apprehension About Psychosocial Risks and Disorders in Social Security: A Comparison Between the Approaches in Belgian and French Law
Valérie Flohimont

19. Recognition of Mental Illness as an Occupational Disease by Analogy with Physical Illness: Comparative Analyses with French Law
Eri Kasagi

20. Comments on Mobbing and Suicide at the Workplace Under Portuguese Legal Framework and Case Law. Can Damages Be Repaired Under Occupational Contingencies’ Schemes?
Ana Cristina Ribeiro Costa

21. Psychosocial Risks in Social Security Law: Comparative Analysis of France and Northern Europe
Maryse Badel

22. Physical Effects of Psychosocial Risks: Opportunities and Limits of the Occupational Risks Compensation Legal Framework
Aurélie Bruère

23. Beyond Reparation, the Prevention of Work-Related Suicides
Chloé Sablayrolles

24. Making the Law a Key Instrument for Combating Psychosocial Risks in a Changing World of Work
Loïc Lerouge

Keywords: Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Labour Law/Social Law, Law and Psychology

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Aligning Perspectives on Health, Safety and Well-Being
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