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Handbook of Sustainability Science and Research

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Table of contents

Part I. Political, Social and Economic Dimensions of Sustainable Development

1. Lessons Learned for Decision-Makers During a 5-Year Research Period on Sustainability Problems at the Galileo University in Guatemala
Nelson Amaro

2. Using Design Thinking and Facebook to Accompany Women in Solving Water Problems in Morocco
Diane Pruneau, Boutaina El Jai, Abdellatif Khattabi, Sara Benbrahim, Joanne Langis

3. A Critical Review of the Role of Indicators in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals
Simon Mair, Aled Jones, Jonathan Ward, Ian Christie, Angela Druckman, Fergus Lyon

4. A Minor Matter of Great Concern: The Different Sustainability Logics of ‘Societal Benefits’ and ‘Socio-economic Profit’
Johan Hultman, Filippa Säwe

5. Corporate Sustainable Strategies in Dom Pedro I Industrial Road Axis, São Paulo, Brazil
João Luiz Moraes Hoefel, Sônia Regina Cal Seixas, Micheli Kowalczuk Machado

6. Water Resources in the Context of Global Environmental Change: Some Perspectives for Sustainability
Sônia Regina Seixas, João Luiz Hoefel, Paul Barrett

7. Knowledge and Awareness of Sustainability in Saudi Arabian Public Universities
N. Alghamdi

8. Urban Agriculture in Cape Town: Building Sustainable Livelihoods
D. W. Olivier

9. Fostering Sustainable Communities and Resilient Cities Whilst Supporting ‘Life on Land’ Through a Colombian School’s Initiative
J. Figueroa Vélez, V. Ruiz Vargas, L. M. Hoyos, A. Prowse

10. Teaching Food Security to Low-Income Rural Families in the United States
Taylor Hinton, Kerstin Martin, Eric Pallant

11. A Holistic Approach to Embedding Social Responsibility and Sustainability in a University—Fostering Collaboration Between Researchers, Students and Operations
Liz Cooper, Dave Gorman

12. Multi-stakeholder Partnerships (SDG #17) as a Means of Achieving Sustainable Communities and Cities (SDG #11)
Adriane MacDonald, Amelia Clarke, Lei Huang, Mark Roseland, M. May Seitanidi

13. Pioneering in Sustainability Reporting in Higher Education: Experiences of a Belgian Business Faculty
K. Ceulemans, T. Stough, W. Lambrechts

14. The Challenges of Implementing Sustainable Development Goals in Brazil: An Analysis Based on the Outcomes of the Brazilian Millennium Development Goals
João Marcelo Pereira Ribeiro, Sthefanie Aguiar Silva, Vitória Haendchen Fornasari, Larissa Pereira Cipoli Ribeiro, Pedro Sabino Parente, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório Andrade Guerra

15. Corporate Policies on Rights and Engagement of Communities: Alternatives and Advances
Noemi Bonina, Marcelo J. Meiriño, José Abadia Ribeiro

16. Local Sustainability Indicators and Their Role in the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the HE Sector
Victoria Hands, Richard Anderson

17. Putting the ‘Social’ into Sustainability Science
Carolyn Kagan, Mark H. Burton

Part II. Environmental, Social and Technological Dimensions of Sustainable Development

18. Implementing the Global Sustainable Goals (SDGs) into Municipal Strategies Applying an Integrated Approach
Sara Gustafsson, Jenny Ivner

19. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and Resource Use
Ronald Wennersten, Sun Qie

20. A Critical Analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals
Ranjula Bali Swain

21. Managing the Growing Kuala Lumpur Mega Urban Region for Livable City: The Sustainable Development Goals as Guiding Frame
Abdul Samad Hadi, Shaharudin Idrus, Ahmad Fariz Mohamed, Mohd Raihan Taha, Mohamad Raffi Othman, Syed Mohammad Fitri Syed Ismail, Shaharuddin Mohamad Ismail

22. Integration of Ecosystem Services as Part of the Nexus Approach into the Applied Teaching of Ecological Engineering
Petra Schneider, Volker Lüderitz

23. Understanding Waste Flow in Malaysian Cities for Sustainable Waste Management
Ahmad Fariz Mohamed, Muhammad Izzat Rasnan, Norazmin Adibah Othman, Shaharudin Idrus, Mohd Raihan Taha

24. Going for Green Cities: The Role of Urban and Peri-Urban Forestry in Creating the Ambiance of the Liveable City in Malaysia
Shaharuddin Mohamad Ismail, Shaharudin Idrus, Abdul Samad Hadi, Azman A. Rahman, Nurfarahain Zainal, Nur Dina Shazani Mohd Azam, Norashikin Shaharudin

25. In Pursuit of Sustainability: Building Science and Community Development
Monjia Belizaire

26. Freedom from Poverty and the Right to Sustainable Development: One Goal but Different Rights and International Commitments
Katarzyna Cichos

27. Sustainable Development and Climate Change
K. S. Getvoldsen, T. E. Butt, C. House, F. Ferreira

28. Lean Production and ISO Standards as Instrument for Achieving 2030 Agenda Goals
Siarhei Zenchanka, Siarhei Malchenka

29. Sustainable Transport Futures: Analysis of the Selected Methodologies Supporting the Planning Process Towards Achieving Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
Varvara Nikulina, Henrikke Baumann, David Simon, Frances Sprei

30. Green Human Resource Management—Delivering High-Performance Human Resource Systems at Divine Word University Papua New Guinea
Zainab Olabisi Tairu

31. A Case Study on Lifestyles in the Southeast Asian Region from a Sustainable Consumption Point of View
Midori Aoyagi, Aya Yoshida

32. A Systematic Approach to Adopt Sustainability and Efficiency Practices in Energy-Intensive Industries
Karin Tschiggerl, Milan Topić

Part III. Holistic Approaches, Stakeholders Engagement and Education for Sustainable Development

33. Environmental Campus Birkenfeld—A Role Model for Universities on How to Contribute to the Implementation Process of the Sustainable Development Goals
Klaus Helling

34. Indigenous and Sustainable Environmental Virtues in St. John Paul II Village in Infanta, Quezon (Philippines)
Rowel T. San Sebastian

35. Local Spatial Planning Processes and Integration of Sustainability Perspective Through a Broad Systems Perspective and Systematic Approach
Sara Gustafsson, Viktor Andréen

36. Designing Green Marketing Across Industries: A Conceptual Framework and Implications for Consumers and Transdisciplinary Research
Ulla A. Saari, Morgane M. C. Fritz, Saku J. Mäkinen, Rupert J. Baumgartner

37. Challenges of Ecosystem Resilience: An Aspect of the Sustainability Science Approach in the Study of Environmental Awareness in the Selayang Municipal Council, Selangor, Malaysia
Shaharudin Idrus, Noraziah Abdul Aziz, Abdul Samad Hadi, Shaharuddin Mohamad Ismail, Ahmad Fariz Mohamed, Norillyana Roslan, Nor Fairuz Abu Bakar, Farhah Izzati Zubir

38. Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria: Improving and Sustaining Growth Rate
Wilson Friday Ohioze

39. Sustainability at German Universities: The University of Hamburg as a Case Study for Sustainability-Oriented Organizational Development
Claudia T. Schmitt, Sophie Palm

40. Scalability in Systemic Design Approach for Rural Development
Silvia Barbero, Miriam Bicocca

41. Participatory Process for Local Development: Sustainability of Water Resources in Rural Communities: Case Manglaralto-Santa Elena, Ecuador
Herrera F. Gricelda, Carrión M. Paúl, Alvarado M. Niurka

42. The Role of Systems Thinking in the Practice of Implementing Sustainable Development Goals
Martin Reynolds, Christine Blackmore, Ray Ison, Rupesh Shah, Elaine Wedlock

43. Creating Circular, Efficient and Symbiotic Cities: And How Higher Education Should Contribute to Create the Solutions that are Required
Karel Mulder

44. Sustainable Diets: The Gulf Between Management Strategies and the Nutritional Demand for Fish
Andrew Hollingsworth

45. A Framework to Conceptualize Sustainable Development Goals for Fishing Gear Resource Management
Paritosh C. Deshpande, Dina Margrethe Aspen

46. Transportation Infrastructure Project Evaluation: Transforming CBA to Include a Life Cycle Perspective
Heather Luclaire Jones, Filipe Moura, Tiago Domingos

47. Flood Vulnerability and the Three Dimensions of Sustainability Philosophy: An Innovative Concept Design for Rapid Assessment
J. Wakeford, C. House, T. E. Butt, P. Paul, C. D. Beal

48. Transition Towards Sustainability in Hull University Business School: A Study of Curricular Sustainability in the Teaching Processes
M. Ángeles Murga-Menoyo, Fernando Correia, Ángela Espinosa

49. From Education for Sustainable Development to Education for Environmental Sustainability: Reconnecting the Disconnected SDGs
Mohamed Walid, Johannes M. Luetz

50. Cooking Courses in Higher Education: A Method to Foster Education for Sustainable Development and Promoting Sustainable Development Goals
Uwe Neumann

51. Promoting Education for Sustainability Through Game-Based Learning: Using the Sustainable Strategies Game to Improve Students’ Knowledge and Skills of Sustainable Business Practices
Kay Emblen-Perry

52. A Summer School for Sustainable Management as a Strategy for Fostering Collaborative Competencies to Be Able to Build Multi-Actor Partnerships
Ingrid Molderez, Karen Brabant, Wim Lambrechts

53. Recognising Beach Kindy as a Pedagogical Approach for Critical Agents of Change Within Early Childhood Education
Diane Boyd, Nicky Hirst

54. Perception Versus Skepticism—An Environmental Communication Issue and Climate Change
C. House, N. L. Jordan, T. E. Butt, J. Kwan, A. Alam

55. “Do What I Say, Don’t Do What I Do”: Challenges on Education for Sustainability
Fernanda Frankenberger, Janaína Macke, Laurelena C. Palhano

56. (Inhibiting) Factors for (Un)Sustainable Behaviour in Relation to the Effects of Education for Sustainable Development: The Role of Psychological Constructs, Neurotransmitters and Ideological Impact on Consumer Behaviour
Kristof Dewaele, Daniel Fischer, Patrick Damme, Paul Verhaeghe

57. Aligning Sustainable Development Principles and Sectoral Education
Pinar Gokcin Ozuyar, Tugce Baykent-Beyhan

58. Teaching to End Hunger: Critical Analysis of Food Systems and Poverty
Beth Choate, Eric Pallant, David Shipe

59. Rethinking Post-occupancy Evaluation for Sustainable Learning Environments
Andrea Wheeler, Hina Illahe, Rucha Newalka

60. The Role of Private–Public Partnerships in the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals: Experience from the SDG Fund
Paloma Duran y Lalaguna, Ekaterina Dorodnykh

61. The World Sustainable Development Research and Transfer Centre (WSD-RTC)
Walter Leal Filho

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Renewable and Green Energy, Climate Change Management and Policy, Natural Resource and Energy Economics, Hydrology/Water Resources

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