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Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1

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Table of contents

1. Effects of Adiabatic Heating Estimated from Tensile Tests with Continuous Heating
N. Vazquez Fernandez, M. Isakov, M. Hokka, V.-T. Kuokkala

2. Effect of Pre-strain, Processing Conditions, and Impact Velocity on Energy Dissipation in Silicone Foams and Rubber
Brett Sanborn, Bo Song

3. Strain Rate Sensitivity of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Experiments for Metal Strength
Michael B. Prime

4. Impact Response of Density Graded Cellular Polymers
Behrad Koohbor, Suraj Ravindran, Addis Kidane

5. Dynamic Mixed-Mode Crack Initiation and Growth in PMMA and Polycarbonate
Balamurugan M. Sundaram, Hareesh V. Tippur

6. Dynamic Response of Alumina Ceramics Under Brazilian Disc Test Conditions
Ping Hong Lin, Liren Tsai, N. S. Liou

7. Digital Gradient Sensing Method to Visualize and Quantify Crack-Tip Deformations in Soda-Lime Glass Under Static and Dynamic Loading
Balamurugan M. Sundaram, Hareesh V. Tippur

8. Construction of Phase Diagrams of Mg-Zn with Selected Rare Earth (R.E) Elements
C. G. Fountzoulas

9. High Strain Rate Transverse Compression Response of Ballistic Single Fibers
Subramani Sockalingam, Daniel T. Casem, Tusit Weerasooriya, John W. Gillespie

10. WIAMan ATD Polymeric Material Characterization for Under-Body Blast Environment Simulation
Mostafiz R. Chowdhury, Dawn M. Crawford

11. Investigation of Transmission of a Shock Wave Through Thin Films
Hongjoo Jeon, Veronica Eliasson

12. Experimental Testing and Computational Analysis of Viscoelastic Wave Propagation in Polymeric Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar
M. Bustamante, D. S. Cronin, D. Singh

13. Mode I Rigid Double Cantilever Beam Test and Analysis Applied to Structural Adhesives
C.-H. Liao, B. Watson, M. J. Worswick, D. S. Cronin

14. Brute Force Ceramic Constitutive Model Parameterization
Brady Aydelotte, Brian E. Schuster

15. High-Strain Rate Compressive Behavior of a “Natural Soil” Under Uniaxial Strain State
Huiyang Luo, Zhenxing Hu, Tingge Xu, Lei Guo, Hongbing Lu

16. Latest Results for Elasto-Plastic Identification at High Rates Using Inertial Impact
Sarah Dreuilhe, Frances Davis, Clive Sivour, Fabrice Pierron

17. Mesoscale Modeling of Porous Materials Using New Methodology for Fracture and Frictional Contact in the Material Point Method
M. A. Homel, E. B. Herbold

18. Underwater Blast Response of Weathered Carbon Composite Plates
Helio Matos, Carlos Javier, James LeBlanc, Arun Shukla

19. Characterization of a Visco-Hyperelastic Synthetic Gel for Ballistic Impacts Assessment
A. Bracq, G. Haugou, B. Bourel, R. Delille, C. Maréchal, F. Lauro, S. Roth, O. Mauzac

20. On the Microstructural Aspects of Shock Induced Failure in Magnesium Alloys
C. L. Williams, J. Ligda, L. Farbaniec, N. Krywopusk

21. High Speed Imaging Techniques to Study Effects of Pressure Waves from Detonating Explosive Charges on Biological Materials
Thuvan Piehler, Nicole Zander, Rohan Banton, Richard Benjamin, Ray Sparks, Kimberly Byrnes, Josh Duckworth, Ben A. Bahr

22. Computational Study on the Driver Section Design of an Explosively Driven Conical Shock Tube
Joel B. Stewart

23. Unidirectional Carbon-Epoxy Composite Plates Subjected to Extreme Marine Environment
C. Javier, J. LeBlanc, A. Shukla

24. Hybrid Computational and Experimental Approach to Identify the Dynamic Initiation Fracture Toughness at High Loading Rate
Ali Fahad Fahem, Addis Kidane

25. High-Rate Mechanical Response of Aluminum Using Miniature Kolsky Bar Techniques
Daniel T. Casem, Jonathan P. Ligda, Brian E. Schuster, Shane Mims

26. Application of 3D Digital Image Correlation In Ballistic Testing
Phillip Jannotti, Brian E. Schuster

27. Compaction Wave Propagation Characteristics in Polymer Bonded Explosives at Macro-Meso Scale
Suraj Ravindran, Peter Malchow, Addis Tessema, Addis Kidane

28. Direct Compression Loading Using the Pre-stretched Bar Technique: Application to High Strains Under Moderate Strain Rates
G. Haugou, H. Morvan, N. Leconte

29. Compaction Wave Characteristics of Polymeric Foams Under Dynamic Loading
Suraj Ravindran, Behrad Koohbor, Peter Malchow, Addis Kidane

30. Comparison of Numerical Simulations with Experiments of Blast-Induced Pressure Wave Impact on a Surrogate Head Model
Rohan Banton, Thuvan Piehler, Nicole Zander, Richard Benjamin, Josh Duckworth

31. Pressure Sensing in Clay: A New Metric for Characterizing the Ballistic Backface Deformation Response of Personnel Protection Equipment
M. H. Merrill, C. J. Kindle, J. P. Thomas

32. Evaluation of Concrete Penetration Resistance Using Small Caliber Bullets
Stephan Bless, Michael McAleer, Rey Guzman

33. Dynamic Analysis of a Bi-stable Buckled Structure for Vibration Energy Harvester
Masoud Derakhshani, Thomas Berfield, Kevin D. Murphy

34. Effects of Strain Rate on Mechanical Properties and Fracture Mechanisms in a Dual Phase Steel
Sukanya M. Sharma, Kishlay Mishra, Omar Rodriguez, Wilburn R. Whittington, Paul Allison, Shrikant P. Bhat, Arun M. Gokhale, Naresh N. Thadhani

35. Nonlinear and Inertant Acoustic Metamaterials and Their Device Implications
Prateek P. Kulkarni, James M. Manimala

36. Evaluation of Stress Equilibrium in Dynamic Tests on Agglomerated Cork
Marco Sasso, Fabrizio Sarasini, Gianluca Chiappini, Edoardo Mancini, Jacopo Tirillò

37. High Strain Rate Induced Phase Transition of Polymer
G. Montella, C. M. Roland

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Building Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Structural Materials, Metallic Materials, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Materials

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Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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