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The Plastic Brain

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Table of contents

1. What Is Neural Plasticity?
Rommy Bernhardi, Laura Eugenín-von Bernhardi, Jaime Eugenín

Part I. Neural Plasticity in Learning and Memory

2. CREB at the Crossroads of Activity-Dependent Regulation of Nervous System Development and Function
Yesser H. Belgacem, Laura N. Borodinsky

3. Models of Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity
Janet Barroso-Flores, Marco A. Herrera-Valdez, Elvira Galarraga, José Bargas

4. Plasticity in the Interoceptive System
Fernando Torrealba, Carlos Madrid, Marco Contreras, Karina Gómez

5. Learning as a Functional State of the Brain: Studies in Wild-Type and Transgenic Animals
José M. Delgado-García, Agnès Gruart

Part II. Neural Plasticity in Early Postnatal Development

6. Bidirectional Effects of Mother-Young Contact on the Maternal and Neonatal Brains
Gabriela González-Mariscal, Angel I. Melo

7. Prenatal Stress and Neurodevelopmental Plasticity: Relevance to Psychopathology
María Eugenia Pallarés, Marta C. Antonelli

8. Early Postnatal Development of Somastostatinergic Systems in Brainstem Respiratory Network
Isabel Llona, Paula Farías, Jennifer L. Troc-Gajardo

Part III. Neural Plasticity in the Respiratory Rhythm

9. Respiratory Rhythm Generation: The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of theParts
Consuelo Morgado-Valle, Luis Beltran-Parrazal

10. The Onset of the Fetal Respiratory Rhythm: An Emergent Property Triggered by Chemosensory Drive?
Sebastián Beltrán-Castillo, Consuelo Morgado-Valle, Jaime Eugenín

11. Neurodevelopmental Effects of Serotonin on the Brainstem Respiratory Network
Karina Bravo, Jaime Eugenín, Isabel Llona

12. Neural Network Reconfigurations: Changes of the Respiratory Network by Hypoxia as an Example
Fernando Peña-Ortega

Part IV. Damage-Triggered Neural Plasticity

13. Progenitors in the Ependyma of the Spinal Cord: A Potential Resource for Self-Repair After Injury
Nicolás Marichal, Cecilia Reali, María Inés Rehermann, Omar Trujillo-Cenóz, Raúl E. Russo

14. IKD Current in Cold Transduction and Damage-Triggered Cold Hypersensitivity
Alejandro González, Gaspar Herrera, Gonzalo Ugarte, Carlos Restrepo, Ricardo Piña, María Pertusa, Patricio Orio, Rodolfo Madrid

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
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9 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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