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The Palgrave Handbook of Indicators in Global Governance

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Of Numbers and Narratives—Indicators in Global Governance and the Rise of a Reflexive Indicator Culture
Nehal Bhuta, Debora Valentina Malito, Gaby Umbach

Part I. Conceptualising and Contextualising Indicators as Instruments of (Global) Governance

2. Good Governance: Measuring the Performance of Governments
Robert I. Rotberg

3. How International Rankings Constitute and Limit Our Understanding of Global Governance Challenges: The Case of Corruption
Alexander Cooley

4. Measuring Governance As If Institutions Matter: A Proposal
José Antonio Alonso, Carlos Garcimartín

5. The Creative Disorder of Measuring Governance and Stateness
Debora Valentina Malito

6. Sustainability, Sustainability Assessment, and the Place of Fiscal Sustainability
Paul Burger

7. Measuring Governance: Revisiting the Uses of Corruption and Transparency Indicators
Robert P. Beschel

Part II. Making Measures

8. Understanding Governance and Corruption Using Survey Data: A Novel Approach and Its Applications in Policy and Research
Francesca Recanatini

9. Government at a Glance: A Dashboard Approach to Indicators
Guillaume Lafortune, Santiago Gonzalez, Zsuzsanna Lonti

10. The European Commission’s Fiscal Sustainability Indicators and Their Use in the EU’s Integrated Cycle of Economic Policy Coordination
Katia Berti

11. Measuring the Rule of Law: The World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index
Alyssa Dougherty, Amy Gryskiewicz, Alejandro Ponce

12. Measuring the Opposite of Corruption: The Evolution of Governance Indicators at Global Integrity
Hazel Feigenblatt, Johannes Tonn

13. Developing an Indicator of Fiscal Sustainability for Africa
Moses Obinyeluaku

14. Moving Beyond Traditional Indicators of Fiscal Sustainability: Examples from Locally Chosen Indicators
Daphne T. Greenwood

Part III. Applying Measures: The Use and the Impact of Indicators as Instruments of (Global) Governance

15. Corruption Indicators in Local Political Landscapes: Reflections from Albania
Smoki Musaraj

16. Activism Through Numbers? The Corruption Perception Index and the Use of Indicators by Civil Society Organisations
René Urueña

17. Measuring Corruption in India: Work in Slow Progress
T. R. Raghunandan

18. Ranking Countries for Good Governance Using Public Opinion Surveys
Maksym Ivanyna, Anwar Shah

19. Analysing the Use of Sustainability Indicators
Stephen Morse

20. Sustainability of Public Debt: A Dangerous Obsession?
Christophe Blot

21. Measuring the World: Indicators, Human Rights, and Global Governance
Sally Engle Merry

22. Conclusions: Knowing and Governing
Debora Valentina Malito, Nehal Bhuta, Gaby Umbach

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Public Policy, Governance and Government, Public International Law, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Public Administration

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