Mercer, Calvin

Religion and Human Enhancement

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Coming into Focus: An Introduction to the Collection
Calvin Mercer

Part II. “Common Ground” between Transhumanism and Religions

2. In Extropy We Trust: A Systems Theory Approach to Identifying Transhumanism’s Religious Philosophy
Matthew Zaro Fisher

3. Christian Transhumanism
Ron Cole-Turner

4. Mormonism Mandates Transhumanism
Lincoln Cannon

5. Technological Apocalypse: Transhumanism as an End-Time Religious Movement
Sean O’Callaghan

6. A Theological Assessment of Whole Brain Emulation: On the Path to Superintelligence
Calvin Mercer

Part III. Desires and Values

7. Is Transhumanism a Distraction? On the Good of Being Boring
Brent Waters

8. What Exactly Are We Trying to Accomplish? The Role of Desire in Transhumanist Visions
Amanda Sebastienne Grant

9. Genesis 2.0: Transhumanism, Catholicism, and the Future of Creation
Cory Andrew Labrecque

10. “Have You Believed Because You Have Seen?”: Human and Transhuman Desires for Alterations to the Visual Field and Religious Experience
Alan Murphy

Part IV. Moral Bioenhancement

11. The Myth of Moral Bio-Enhancement: An Evolutionary Anthropology and Theological Critique
Celia Deane-Drummond

12. Ancient Aspirations Meet the Enlightenment
James J. Hughes

13. A Transhumanist Moral Bioenhancement Program: A Critique from Barth and Bonhoeffer
Todd T. W. Daly

14. Enhancing Moral Goodness: Toward a Virtue Ethics of Moral Bioenhancement
James E. Helmer

15. Moral Bioenhancement from the Margins: An Intersectional Christian Theological Reconsideration
Tracy J. Trothen

Part V. Longing for Immortality: Meanings of Death

16. Technologizing Transcendence: A Critique of Transhumanism
Hava Tirosh-Samuelson

17. Must We Die? Transhumanism, Religion, and the Fear of Death
Noreen Herzfeld

18. Dining and Dunking the Dead: Postmortem Rituals in First-Century Hellenistic Society and What They Reveal About the Role of the Body in Christianity
Lee A. Johnson

Part VI. Conclusion

19. Making Us Better: Believe It or Not?
Tracy J. Trothen

Keywords: Religious Studies, Religion and Society, Transgenics, Philosophy of Technology

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Palgrave Studies in the Future of Humanity and its Successors
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17 pages
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