Annosi, Maria Carmela

Learning and Innovation in Hybrid Organizations

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Table of contents

1. Strategic and Organizational Insights into Learning and Innovation in Hybrids and “New” Organizations
Maria Carmela Annosi, Federica Brunetta, Mats Magnusson, Paolo Boccardelli

Part I. Innovation, Learning and Value Creation

2. Innovation and Value Creation in Business Ecosystems
Hassan Sherwani, Richard Tee

3. Team and Time Within Project-Based Organizations: Insights from Creative Industries
Francesca Vicentini, Luigi Nasta

4. Collaborative Spaces and Coworking as Hybrid Workspaces: Friends or Foes of Learning and Innovation?
Lucia Marchegiani, Gabriella Arcese

5. Investigating the Impact of Agile Methods on Learning and Innovation
Maria Carmela Annosi, Jens Hemphälä, Federica Brunetta

Part II. Innovating: Structural and Strategic Issues

6. The Role of Networks for Innovation in Temporary and Project-Based Organizations
Federica Brunetta, Paolo Boccardelli, Andrea Lipparini

7. Project Social Capital in Biotech R&D: Its Configuration and Impact on Knowledge Development
Mats Magnusson, Daniele Mascia, Fausto Vincenzo

8. Professional Networks and the Adoptionof Medical Technologies: An Empirical Study on Robotic Surgery
Valentina Iacopino, Daniele Mascia, Alberto Monti, Americo Cicchetti

Part III. Adapting Innovation and Learning to Strategic and Organizational Change

9. Between Sponge and Titanium: Designing Micro and Macro Features for the Resilient Organization
Luca Giustiniano, Franca Cantoni

10. Issues of Control in Hybrids and “New” Organizations
Maria Carmela Annosi

11. Investigating the Impact of Agile Control Mechanisms on Learning in Scrum Teams
Maria Carmela Annosi, Antonella Martini, Mats Magnusson

12. Improvising Agility: Organizations as Structured-Extemporaneous Hybrids
Miguel Pina e Cunha, Luca Giustiniano, Pedro Neves, Arménio Rego

13. The Emergence of New Organization Designs. Evidences from Self-Managed Team-Based Organizations
Maria Carmela Annosi, Luca Giustiniano, Federica Brunetta, Mats Magnusson

14. Lean Start-up in Established Companies: Potentials and Challenges
René Chester Goduscheit

15. Lesson Learned, Implications, and Summary of the Main Findings
Federica Brunetta, Maria Carmela Annosi, Mats Magnusson, Paolo Boccardelli

Keywords: Business and Management, Organization, Innovation/Technology Management, Emerging Markets/Globalization, Business Strategy/Leadership, Project Management

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