Griebel, Michael

Scientific Computing and Algorithms in Industrial Simulations

Griebel, Michael - Scientific Computing and Algorithms in Industrial Simulations, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Methods

1. Calculation of Chemical Equilibria in Multi-Phase: Multicomponent Systems
Marco Hülsmann, Bernhard Klaassen, Andreas Krämer, Ottmar Krämer-Fuhrmann, Tosawi Pangalela, Dirk Reith, Klaus Hack, Johannes Linden

2. LC-GAP: Localized Coulomb Descriptors for the Gaussian Approximation Potential
James Barker, Johannes Bulin, Jan Hamaekers, Sonja Mathias

3. River Bed Morphodynamics: Metamodeling, Reliability Analysis, and Visualization in a Virtual Environment
Tanja Clees, Igor Nikitin, Lialia Nikitina, Sabine Pott, Stanislav Klimenko

4. Cooling Circuit Simulation I: Modeling
Tanja Clees, Nils Hornung, Éric Lluch Alvarez, Igor Nikitin, Lialia Nikitina, Inna Torgovitskaia

Part II. Products

5. Algebraic Multigrid: From Academia to Industry
Klaus Stüben, John W. Ruge, Tanja Clees, Sebastian Gries

6. Parallel Algebraic Multigrid
Hans-Joachim Plum, Arnold Krechel, Sebastian Gries, Bram Metsch, Fabian Nick, Marc Alexander Schweitzer, Klaus Stüben

7. MpCCI: Neutral Interfaces for Multiphysics Simulations
Klaus Wolf, Pascal Bayrasy, Carsten Brodbeck, Ilja Kalmykov, André Oeckerath, Nadja Wirth

8. Cooling Circuit Simulation II: A Numerical Example
Tanja Clees, Nils Hornung, Detlef Labrenz, Michael Schnell, Horst Schwichtenberg, Hayk Shoukourian, Inna Torgovitskaia, Torsten Wilde

9. The LAMA Approach for Writing Portable Applications on Heterogenous Architectures
Thomas Brandes, Eric Schricker, Thomas Soddemann

10. ModelCompare
Jochen Garcke, Mandar Pathare, Nikhil Prabakaran

11. Rapid Enriched Simulation Application Development with PUMA
Marc Alexander Schweitzer, Albert Ziegenhagel

Part III. Applications and Show Cases

12. Applying CFD for the Design of an Air-Liquid Interface In-Vitro Testing Method for Inhalable Compounds
Carsten Brodbeck, Jan Knebel, Detlef Ritter, Klaus Wolf

13. A Mapping Procedure for the Computation of Flow-Induced Vibrations in Turbomachinery
Nadja Wirth, André Oeckerath

14. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Membrane Free Energy Profiles Using Accurate Force Field for Ionic Liquids
Thorsten Köddermann, Martin R. Schenk, Marco Hülsmann, Andreas Krämer, Karl N. Kirschner, Dirk Reith

15. The cloud4health Project: Secondary Use of Clinical Data with Secure Cloud-Based Text Mining Services
Juliane Fluck, Philipp Senger, Wolfgang Ziegler, Steffen Claus, Horst Schwichtenberg

16. Dimensionality Reduction for the Analysis of Time Series Data from Wind Turbines
Jochen Garcke, Rodrigo Iza-Teran, Marvin Marks, Mandar Pathare, Dirk Schollbach, Martin Stettner

17. Energy-Efficiency and Performance Comparison of Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval on Distributed Embedded SoC Architectures
Dustin Feld, Jochen Garcke, Jia Liu, Eric Schricker, Thomas Soddemann, Yong Xue

Part IV. A Short History

18. The Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI
Ulrich Trottenberg, Anton Schüller

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Numerical Analysis, Algorithms, Mathematical Software, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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