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Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur

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Table of contents

Part I. Entrepreneur’s Cognition and Intention

1. An Integrated Model of Intentional Entrepreneurial Action
Kevin C. Cox, Jason Lortie, Gary Castrogiovanni

2. Measuring and Understanding the Psychological Effects of Entrepreneurial Intentions: Multigroup Analysis
João J. Ferreira, Cristina I. Fernandes, Mário L. Raposo

3. Why Would You Ever Want to Become An Academic Entrepreneur?
Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent, Dolors Gil-Doménech, Inés Alegre

4. The Relation Between Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Entrepreneurship Rates Over Time: An Approach Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Paulo Ferreira, Andreia Dionísio

5. Entrepreneurship Under Risk and Uncertainty: A Review of the Experimental Evidence
Konstantinos Georgalos

6. Sensing and Generating New Opportunities for Value Innovation: How Team Behaviour Contributes to Success or to Failure?
Tomás F. González-Cruz, Clara M. Martínez-Fuentes

Part II. Entrepreneurial Personality, Traits and Gender

7. The Role of the Entrepreneurial Personality in New Ventures
Xuemei Xie, Jiuchang Lv, Yuchen Xu

8. Intrapreneurs: Characteristics and Behavior
Antonia Mohedano-Suanes, Dolores Garzón Benítez

9. Can Women Entrepreneurs Plan to Prosper? Exploring the Role of Gender as a Moderator of the Planning-Performance Relationship
Whitney O. Peake, William C. McDowell, Michael L. Harris, Phillip E. Davis

10. The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship in Coworking-Spaces
Ricarda B. Bouncken, Mahmood M. Aslam, Andreas J. Reuschl

11. Gender Behavioral Issues and Entrepreneurship
Irene Comeig, Marc Lurbe

Part III. Entrepreneurial Leadership

12. Systems Approach to Entrepreneurial Success: The Theoretical Discussion on the Significance of Family Factors for Effective Entrepreneurship
Marcin W. Staniewski, Katarzyna Awruk

13. Personality Traits of the Partners and Performance in the Franchise Agreement
Esther Calderon-Monge

14. The Importance of Empowerment in Entrepreneurship
Daniel Henao-Zapata, José M. Peiró

15. Leadership Styles and Entrepreneurship
Hugo De Juan Jordán, Daniel Palacios-Marqués, Carlos Devece

16. Co-operation and Conflict in International Entrepreneurs When Cultures Collide
Ursula F. Ott

Keywords: Business and Management, Entrepreneurship, Economic Psychology, Gender Studies, Business Strategy/Leadership, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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