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Managing Improvement in Healthcare

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Table of contents

Part I. Quality Improvement: Aims, Approaches and Context

1. Evolving Dimensions of Quality Care: Comparing Physician and Managerial Perspectives
Rebecca Amati, Robert H. Brook, Amer A. Kaissi, Annegret F. Hannawa

2. Multi-level Pluralism: A Pragmatic Approach to Choosing Change and Improvement Methods
Liz Wiggins, Brian Marshall

3. Amendments to Reporting of QI Interventions: Insights from the Concept of Affordances
Emilie Berard, Jean-Louis Denis, Olivier Saulpic, Philippe Zarlowski

4. Emerging Hybridity: A Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Arrangements in the Four Countries of the UK
Joy Furnival, Ruth Boaden, Kieran Walshe

5. Contextual Factors Affecting the Implementation of Team-Based Primary Care: A Scoping Review
Dori A. Cross

6. Doing More with Less: Lean Healthcare Implementation in Irish Hospitals
Mary A. Keating, Brendan S. Heck

Part II. Embedding and Spreading Quality

7. Unlearning and Patient Safety
John G. Richmond

8. Checklist as Hub: How Medical Checklists Connect Professional Routines
Marlot Kuiper

9. Sustaining Healthcare Service Improvements Without Collective Dialogue and Participation: A Route to Partial Failure?
Anne McBride, Miguel Martínez-Lucio

10. Disseminating from the Centre to the Frontline: The Diffusion and Local Ownership of a National Health Policy Through the Use of Icons
David Greenfield, Margaret Banks, Anne Hogden, Jeffrey Braithwaite

11. Processes and Responsibilities for Knowledge Transfer and Mobilisation in Health Services Organisations in Wales
Emma Barnes, Alison Bullock, Wendy Warren

12. Accelerating Research Translation in Healthcare: The Australian Approach
Helen Dickinson, Jean Ledger

Part III. Agents, Co-producers and Recipients of Quality Care

13. Framing a Movement for Improvement: Hospital Managers’ Use of Social Movement Ideas in the Implementation of a Patient Safety Framework
Amanda Crompton, Justin Waring

14. Institutional Work and Innovation in the NHS: The Role of Creating and Disrupting
Kath Checkland, Stephen Parkin, Simon Bailey, Damian Hodgson

15. Attaining Improvement Without Sustaining It? The Evolution of Facilitation in a Healthcare Knowledge Mobilisation Initiative
Roman Kislov, John Humphreys, Gill Harvey

16. Stakeholders’ Involvement and Service Users’ Acceptance in the Implementation of a New Practice Guideline
Comfort Adeosun, Lorna McKee, Hilary Homans

17. How Does an Accreditation Programme in Residential Aged Care Inform the Way Residents Manage Their Healthcare and Lifestyle?
Anne Hogden, David Greenfield, Mark Brandon, Deborah Debono, Virginia Mumford, Johanna Westbrook, Jeffrey Braithwaite

Keywords: Business and Management, Health Care Management, Sustainability Management, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Business Strategy/Leadership, Organization

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Organizational Behaviour in Health Care
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