Malizia, Andrea

Cyber and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives Challenges

Malizia, Andrea - Cyber and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives Challenges, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Reflection on the Future of the CBRN Security Paradigm
Maurizio Martellini, Tatyana Novossiolova, Andrea Malizia

2. Selected Issues of Cyber Security Practices in CBRNeCy Critical Infrastructure
Stanislav Abaimov, Maurizio Martellini

3. NATO’s Response to CBRN Events
Bernd Allert

4. Preventing Hostile and Malevolent Use of Nanotechnology Military Nanotechnology After 15 Years of the US National Nanotechnology Initiative
Jürgen Altmann

5. Chemical Challenges, Prevention and Responses, Including Considerations on Industrial Toxic Chemicals for Malevolent Use, CW Precursor Material for IEDs
Gaetano Carminati, Fabrizio Benigni, Emanuele Farrugia

6. A Fresh Approach: Review of the Production Development of the CBRN/HAZMAT Equipment
Boban Cekovic, Dieter Rothbacher

7. Radiological and Nuclear Events: Challenges, Countermeasures and Future Perspectives
Marco D’Arienzo, Massimo Pinto, Sandro Sandri, Raffaele Zagarella

8. Laser Based Standoff Techniques: A Review on Old and New Perspective for Chemical Detection and Identification
Pasqualino Gaudio

9. Implementing an Information Security Program
Cliff Glantz, Joseph Lenaeus, Guy Landine, Lori Ross O’Neil, Rosalyn Leitch, Christopher Johnson, John Lewis, Robert Rodger

10. Bio-risk Management Culture: Concept, Model, Assessment
Igor Khripunov, Nikita Smidovich, Danielle Megan Williams

11. Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Addressing Policy Gaps and Challenges
Kenneth Luongo

12. Multidisciplinary DSS as Preventive Tools in Case of CBRNe Dispersion and Diffusion: Part 1: A Brief Overview of the State of the Art and an Example – Review
Jean-François Ciparisse, Roberto Melli, Riccardo Rossi, Enrico Sciubba

13. Migration and Terrorism: A New Approach to Consider the Threat
Orlando Cenciarelli, Sandro Mancinelli, Gian Marco Ludovici, Leonardo Palombi

14. Meeting Growing Threats of Misuse of Toxic Chemicals: Building a Global Chemical Safety and Security Architecture and Promoting International Cooperation
Krzysztof Paturej, Pang Guanglian

15. ‘We’re Doomed!’ a Critical Assessment of Risk Framing Around Chemical and Biological Weapons in the Twenty-First Century
Giulio Maria Mancini, James Revill

16. Combining Theoretical Education and Realistic, Practical Training: The Right Approach to Minimize CBRNe Risk
Dieter Rothbacher

17. Chemical Security Culture in an Insecure World: The Experience and Understanding of the Chemical Industry
Timothy J. Scott, Carola Argiolas

18. Living with Chemicals: How to Prevent Their Use for Hostile Purposes and Mitigate Chemical Risks
Ralf Trapp

19. Security, Development, and Governance CBRN and Cyber in Africa
Adriaan Meer, Alberto Aspidi

Keywords: Computer Science, Security, International Relations, Safety in Chemistry, Dangerous Goods

Publication year
Terrorism, Security, and Computation
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10 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications
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