Rupakhety, Rajesh

Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics in Memory of Ragnar Sigbjörnsson

Rupakhety, Rajesh - Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics in Memory of Ragnar Sigbjörnsson, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology

1. Genealogy of Performance-Based Seismic Design: Is the Present a Re-crafted Version of the Past?
P. Gülkan, Mete A. Sözen

2. Synergies and Conflicts Between Seismic Design and Design for Other Extreme Actions
M. N. Fardis

3. A Simplified Approach for Site-Specific Design Spectrum
A. Ansal, G. Tönük, A. Kurtuluş

4. Inherent Damping in Nonlinear Time-History Analyses: A Recommended Modelling Approach
Athol J. Carr, Arun M. Puthanpurayil

5. Challenges in Modelling the Seismic Response of RC Walls
T. Isakovic, M. Fischinger

6. Critical Response of Elastic-Plastic Structures to Near-Fault Ground Motions and Its Application to Base-Isolated Building Structures
Izuru Takewaki, Ryo Taniguchi, Kotaro Kojima

7. Comparison of Ground Motion Pulse Models for the Seismic Response of Seismically Isolated Liquid Storage Tanks
S. Öncü-Davas, H. Gazi, E. Güler, Cenk Alhan

8. Initial Wave Height and Total Energy of Landslide-Generated Tsunamis from Translatory Wave Theory
Jonas Elíasson

9. Surface Strain Rate Tensor Field for Iceland Based on a GPS Network
Ragnar Sigbjörnsson, J. Snæbjörnsson, G. Valsson, Th. Sigurdsson, Rajesh Rupakhety

10. Determination of Parameters for Stochastic Strong Motion Models Representing Earthquakes in the South Iceland Seismic Zone
Símon Ólafsson, Ragnar Sigbjörnsson, Rajesh Rupakhety

11. Seismic Vulnerability of Icelandic Residential Buildings
Bjarni Bessason, Rajesh Rupakhety

12. Earthquake-Safe and Energy-Efficient Infill Panels for Modern Buildings
Marco Vailati, Giorgio Monti, Giorgia Di Gangi

Part II. Structural Dynamics of Special Bridges

13. Full-Scale Measurement and Analysis of Wind-Induced Vibrations of a Longs-Span Suspension Bridge in Complex Terrain
Aksel Fenerci, Ole Øiseth

14. Simulation and Monitoring of Floating Bridge Behaviour
K. A. Kvåle, Ole Øiseth, A. Rönnquist, S. Remseth

15. On Stochastic Dynamic Second-Order Response Analysis of Marine Bridges
B. J. Leira

Part III. Seismic Risk Assessment, Communication, Perception, and Management

16. New Tools for the Analysis of the Generalized Impact of Earthquake Events
Carlos Sousa Oliveira, Mónica A. Ferreira, F. Mota Sá, J. Bonacho

17. Urban Disaster Prevention Strategies in the UPStrat-MAFA Project: From Risk Analysis to Communication
Gemma Musacchio, Monica A. Ferreira, Fabrizio Meroni, Rajesh Rupakhety, Carlos Sousa Oliveira, Gaetano Zonno

18. Is Perception of Earthquake Effects Gender Dependent?
Ragnar Sigbjörnsson, Sólveig Ragnarsdóttir, Rajesh Rupakhety

19. Factors Affecting the Speed and Quality of Post-Disaster Recovery and Resilience
Stephen Platt

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Structural Mechanics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Building Construction and Design

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Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering
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28 pages
Natural Sciences
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