Rossignoli, Cecilia

Digital Technology and Organizational Change

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Cecilia Rossignoli, Francesco Virili, Stefano Za

Part I. IS Design Innovation and Challenges

2. Business Designers, Organizational Networks and ICT
Giorgio Michelis

3. The State of the Practice of Agile and Plan-Driven Approaches in ICT Development Projects: An Exploratory Research Study
Carine Khalil

4. Affordances of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing in Intra-Organizational Information Technology Projects
Marcirio Silveira Chaves, Eusébio Scornavacca, Danielle Fowler

5. Everything Is Permitted Unless Stated Otherwise: Models and Representations in Socio-technical (Re)Design
Carla Simone

6. Design of Socio-technical Systems: What Does the Practice Tell Us?
Peter Bednar, Moufida Sadok

7. Going Beyond the System in Systems Thinking: The Cybork
Federico Cabitza, Francesco Varanini

8. Is Participatory Game Design Effective Over Time? Let’s Assess Its Products
Alessandra Melonio

Part II. Organizational Innovation and Challenges

9. IT Managers’ Relations and Value Creation: Complementary Insights from Four Theoretical Standpoints
Francesca Ricciardi, Alessandro Zardini, Sabrina Bonomi

10. Creative Sparks for Collaborative Innovation
Antonio De Nicola, Maria Luisa Villani

11. E-HRM Adoption and Usage: A Cross-National Analysis of Enabling Factors
Alessandra Lazazzara, Eleanna Galanaki

12. Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Digital Markets: Exploring the Impact of Their Antecedents
Ivan Russo, Ilenia Confente, Antonio Borghesi

13. Unveiling the Big Data Adoption in Banks: Strategizing the Implementation of a New Technology
Eduardo H. Diniz, Simone S. Luvizan, Márcia Cassitas Hino, Priscila Cardoso Ferreira

14. E-learning Effectiveness from a Students’ Perspective: An Empirical Study
Leonardo Caporarello, Beatrice Manzoni, Martina Bigi

15. The JamToday Network: The European Learning Hub for Applied-Games for Learning Environments
David Crombie, Pierre Mersch, Iana Dulskaia, Francesco Bellini

16. Let’s Learn Together: Team Integration Climate, Individual States and Learning Using Computer-Based Simulations
Leonardo Caporarello, Massimo Magni, Ferdinando Pennarola

Part III. Societal Innovation and Challenges

17. The Perception of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Internet Usage by the Elderly People
Dilwar Hussain, Penny Ross, Peter Bednar

18. Collaboration Dynamics in Healthcare Knowledge Intensive Processes: A State of the Art on Sociometric Badges
Davide Aloini, Chiara Covucci, Alessandro Stefanini

19. Generation X and Knowledge Work: The Impact of ICT. What Are the Implications for HRM?
Daria Sarti, Teresina Torre

20. The Digital Employee Experience: Discovering Generation Z
Chiara Meret, Silvia Fioravanti, Michela Iannotta, Mauro Gatti

21. Initiatives Addressing Confidentiality in Electronic Health Records Architectural Consideration and Patient Engagement in Healthcare IT
Nabil Georges Badr

22. Time Accounting System: Validating a Socio-technical Solution for Service Exchange in Local Communities
Tunazzina Sultana, Angela Locoro, Flávio Soares Corrêa Silva

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Information Systems, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Organization, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology, Information Systems and Communication Service, Innovation/Technology Management

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Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation
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