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Foundations of Economic Change

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Foundations of Economic Change—Behavior, Interaction and Aggregate Outcomes
Uwe Cantner, Andreas Pyka

Part I. Foundations of Economic Change

2. Foundations of Economic Change: An Extended Schumpeterian Approach
Uwe Cantner

3. Behavior and Cognition of Economic Actors in Evolutionary Economics
Richard R. Nelson

4. Upward and Downward Complementarity: The Meso Core of Evolutionary Growth Theory
Kurt Dopfer, Jason Potts, Andreas Pyka

Part II. Aggregate Outcomes

5. Global Dynamics, Capabilities and the Crisis
Jan Fagerberg, Martin Srholec

6. Convergence or Divergence: A Nonparametric Analysis on China’s Regional Disparity
Xiang Deng, Jianping Li, Jing Song

7. Micro to Macro Evolutionary Modeling: On the Economics of Self Organization of Dynamic Markets by Ignorant Actors
Gunnar Eliasson

8. Firms Navigating Through Innovation Spaces: A Conceptualization of How Firms Search and Perceive Technological, Market and Productive Opportunities Globally
Maureen McKelvey

9. A Proposal for a ‘National Innovation System Plus Subjective Well-Being’ Approach and an Evolutionary Systemic Normative Theory of Innovation
Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht

Part III. Behaviour

10. Confounded, Augmented and Constrained Replicator Dynamics
Jacob Rubæk Holm, Esben Sloth Andersen, J. Stanley Metcalfe

11. The Roots of Growth: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Capitalist Firm
Michael Joffe

12. The Journey of Innovation
Jorge Niosi

13. Schumpeterian Incumbents and Industry Evolution
Guido Buenstorf

14. Incremental by Design? On the Role of Incumbents in Technology Niches
Daniel S. Hain, Roman Jurowetzki

15. Entrepreneurs’ Over-optimism During the Early Life Course of the Firm
Zornitza Kambourova, Erik Stam

Part IV. Interaction

16. Knowledge Spillovers Through FDI and Trade: The Moderating Role of Quality-Adjusted Human Capital
Muhammad Ali, Uwe Cantner, Ipsita Roy

17. Export, R&D and New Products: A Model and a Test on European Industries
Dario Guarascio, Mario Pianta, Francesco Bogliacino

18. Using Simulation Experiments to Test Historical Explanations: The Development of the German Dye Industry 1857–1913
Thomas Brenner, Johann Peter Murmann

19. The Marshallian and Schumpeterian Microfoundations of Evolutionary Complexity: An Agent Based Simulation Model
Cristiano Antonelli, Gianluigi Ferraris

20. Understanding the Complex Nature of Innovation Network Evolution
Muhamed Kudic, Jutta Guenther

21. Why Does Sports Equipment Sometimes Become Too Sophisticated and Expensive? A Case Study of the Overshooting Hypothesis in Board Sports
Stuart Thomas, Jason Potts

Keywords: Economics, Institutional/Evolutionary Economics, Innovation/Technology Management, Economic Growth, R & D/Technology Policy, Entrepreneurship

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Economic Complexity and Evolution
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