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Sustainable Urban Development and Globalization

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Table of contents

Part I. Urban Growth and Rising Socio-spatial Inequality: Research Pathways and Approaches to Urban Planning and Governance

1. Development Against Sustainability? Marrakech as a Case Study
Laura Montedoro

2. Metropolitan Public Realm Frameworks for Coastal East African Urbanization: The Case of Malindi Waterfront as Socio-Ecological Infrastructure
Alessandro Frigerio

3. Mobile Urbanity in Southern Africa. The Socio-Spatial Practices of Informal Cross-Border Traders Between Johannesburg and Maputo
Paola Piscitelli

4. Humanizing Urbanism. On Embracing Informality and the Future of Johannesburg
Costanza Mantia

5. Urban Planning in Islamabad: From the Modern Movement to the Contemporary Urban Development Between Formal and Informal Settlements
Daniele Beacco

6. Pacification of Favelas, Mega Events, and the Creation of New Inequalities in the Global South: The Case of Rio de Janeiro
Sebastian Saborio, Giuliana Costa

7. The Role of State Involvement in Slum Improvement: A Critical Examination of Cofopri Approach into a Peripheral Barrio of Lima, Peru
Nilva Karenina Aramburu Guevara

8. Undergrowth Urbanism: The Role of User-Generated Practices in the Informal City. A Methodology for Analysis and Intervention Based on the Case Study of Paraisópolis in São Paulo
Valentina Mion

9. Share for Care. Communication Technologies and Social Inclusion for Empowerment in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Veronica Vasilescu, Francesca Vigotti, Andrea Cominola

10. Enhancing Participation Through ICTs: How Modern Information Technologies Can Improve Participatory Approaches Fostering Sustainable Development
Domenico Vito

Part II. Design Strategies and Building Techniques for Development in Marginal and Rural Areas

11. Architectural Design in the Cities of the Global South
Camillo Magni

12. Bioclimatic Design for Informal Settlements
Gian Luca Brunetti

13. Housing in African Rural Contexts: The Nubian Vault. Opportunities for the Economic Market in the Rural Savannah Environments
Emilio Caravatti

14. National Public Primary Schools Strategic Planning: A Key Factor to Ensure Quality Education Enrollment in Developing Countries
Luca Bonifacio

15. The Tourism as Local Development Leverage: The Restaurant/Guest house of Olga’s and the Professional School YCTC in Livingstone, Zambia
Lidia Diappi

16. The Mantra of Modernity
Maddalena d’Alfonso, Jacopo Galli

Part III. Protection and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage Amid Conservation and Development

17. Research, Interventions and Training for Cultural Heritage Safeguard and Enhancement. Lesson Learned from 50Years of Studies and Projects Implementation in Armenia
Mariacristina Giambruno, Gaianè Casnati

18. Landscape Quality and Multifunctional Agriculture: The Potential of the Historic Agricultural Landscape in the Context of the Development of the Contemporary City
Maurizio Boriani

19. Cultural Heritage for Urban Regeneration. Developing Methodology Through a Knowledge Exchange Program
Mariacristina Giambruno, Sonia Pistidda

20. Learning by Practice from an Early Researcher Perspective. Investigating Widespread Heritage in Transition Countries
Francesca Vigotti

21. Minor Settlements: Setting up a Network of Creative and Sustainable Communities
Paolo Ceccarelli

22. The Heritage Value of the Craft Sector in Fast-Growing Cities
Laura Pierantoni

Part IV. Integrated Strategies to Reduce the Territorial Risks

23. Resilience Thinking as a Useful Approach to Reduce the Territorial Risks
Marcello Magoni

24. New Strategies and Four-Layer Approach for Disaster Risk Management in Complex City Environments
Funda Atun

25. The Economic Impacts of Natural Hazards: Lessons Learnt from the PDNA International Damage Assessment Project Implemented in Haiti After the Earthquake of 2010
Giulia Pesaro

26. Perceiving Urban Resilience Within Post-quake Recovering Processes. An Experimental Approach for Emergency Housing in Emilia Romagna, Italy
Doaa Salaheldin Ismail Elsayed

27. Climate Change and Heat Waves in Colombia. Possible Effects and Adaptation Strategies
Marcello Magoni, Carolina Mesa Munoz

Part V. Managing the Agro-urban System and the Food-Energy-Water Nexus

28. Social–Ecological Implications of the Quinoa Market Teleconnections: Intervention Criteria on the Southern Bolivian Altiplano
Guido Minucci

29. Socio-Environmental Effects of Large-Scale Land Acquisition in Mozambique
Maria Cristina Rulli, Corrado Passera, Davide Danilo Chiarelli, Paolo D’Odorico

30. The Narrative Structure of the Agro-Urban Metropolitan Territory. The Metropolis as Hypertext for the History of the Twenty-first Century: A Network of Middle Cities as an Operational Topography
Antonella Contin

31. Resource Efficiency and Resilience in Sub-Saharan African Cities: Towards Community Metabolism
Maria Chiara Pastore, Eugenio Morello

Part VI. The International Workshop “Transforming Johannesburg”. A Multi-disciplinary Action Research on Collaborative Approaches to Socio-ecological Urban Development in Informal Areas

32. The International Workshop “Transforming Johannesburg: Reshaping Socio-Ecological Landscapes Through Collaborative Practices”
Costanza Mantia

33. Engaging the Informal and Formal in an Expanded Notion of Urban Infrastructure: How Healing Human and Ecological Networks Could Lead to a More Equitable City
Alessandro Frigerio, Kristen Kornienko

34. Eco-Incremental Housing: Researching Typologies and Systems in Pursuit of a Community-Based Approach to Housing Upgrades in Informal Contexts
Chris Harnish

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Social Work and Community Development, Environmental Management, Regional/Spatial Science, Cultural Heritage

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