Hoyos, Laureano R.

Advances in Characterization and Analysis of Expansive Soils and Rocks

Hoyos, Laureano R. - Advances in Characterization and Analysis of Expansive Soils and Rocks, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Influence of Chemical Additives and Flyash on the Swelling and Bearing Resistance of Expansive Subgrade Soil
G. Radhakrishnan, M. Anjan Kumar, G. V. R. Prasada Raju

2. Characterization of Unsaturated Shrink-Swell Soils Properties in Egypt
Fayek Hassona, Remon I. Abdelmalak, Beshoy M. Hakeem

3. Strength Property of Expansive Soils Treated with Bagasse Ash and Lime
Hayder Hasan, Hadi Khabbaz, Behzad Fatahi

4. Stabilization of an Expansive Soil Using Alkali Activated Fly Ash Based Geopolymer
Partha Sarathi Parhi, Lasyamayee Garanayak, Mahasakti Mahamaya, Sarat Kumar Das

5. Determination of Shrinkage Properties of Clayey Soils by the Image Analysis Technique
Houcem Trabelsi, Wissem Frikha

6. Effect of Cement on Suction and Pore Size Distribution Before and After Swelling of a Natural Clay from Algeria
Souad Amel Bourokba Mrabent, Ramzy Djelloul, Abdelkader Hachichi, Jean Marie Fleureau

7. Treatment of Collapsible Soils by Cement Using the Double Consolidation Method
Abbeche Khelifa, Lahmadi Azeddine, Bahloul Ouassila

8. Prediction of Swelling Pressure of Compacted Bentonite with Respect to Void Ratio Based on Diffuse Double Layer Theory
Haiquan Sun

9. Penetration Characteristics of Expansive Soil: A Probabilistic Study
K. V. N. S. Raviteja, K. Ramu, R. D. Babu

10. Influence of Applied Boundary Condition During Wetting on Volume Change Characteristics of a Compacted Highly Expansive Soil
Mohamed Farid Abbas, Mosleh Ali Al-Shamrani, Tamer Yehia Elkady

11. Co-relation Between Electrical Resistivity and Index Properties of Periodic Hydrocarbon Contaminated Bentonite Clay
M. V. Shah, Preeti Tiwari

12. Influence of Hydrologic Information on Shallow Foundation Design and Analysis in Arid Climates
Nadarajah Ravichandran, Ashok Mishra, Shweta Shrestha, Parishad Rahbari

13. Strength Properties of Rock as an Index of Blastability
Hamza Azzouz Rached, Korichi Talhi, El Bahi Hannachi

14. Thermo-poro-mechanics Modelling of Gypsum Dehydration
A. Karrech, F. Fusseis, C. Schrank, K. Regenauer-Lieb

15. A Comparative Evaluation of Indirect Methods to Estimate the Compressive Strength of Limestone (Chorgali Formation)
Sajid Ali, Sohail Akram, Rashid Haider

16. Isotope Stratigraphy of the Permian Rocks, the Volga River Region
N. G. Nurgalieva, B. I. Gareev, D. K. Nurgaliev

17. Evaluating the Effect of Fines on Hydraulic Properties of Rammed Earth Using a Bench Scale Centrifuge
Abdullah Galaa, Gemmina Emidio, Benny Malengier, Herman Peiffer, R. Verastegui Flores, Wim Cornelis

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Building Construction and Design, Engineering Design

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Sustainable Civil Infrastructures
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8 pages
Natural Sciences
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