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Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Coupled Problems

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Table of contents

1. Deciding for Remediation of the Seepage Barrier System in Foundation of an Earthfill Dam Based on the Monitoring Data and Numerical Analysis
Hamed Farshbaf Aghajani

2. Nonlinear Seismic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams
Djamel Ouzandja, Boualem Tiliouine, Toufiq Ouzandja

3. Applied GIS to the Monitoring of Building Work Case Study: Construction of 2000 Houses in Ghadames-Lybia
Samir Medhioub, Mohamed Baklouti, Slah Bouraoui

4. Stability Analysis of Souk-Tleta Earth Dam, North Algeria
Ryma Afiri, Saida Hadj Abderrahmane, Lynda Djerbal, Smail Gabi

5. Static Liquefaction Analysis of the Limonar Tailings Dam in Peru
Herbert M. Maturano Rafael, Celso Romanel

6. Probabilistic Seismic Hazard and Dynamic Stability Assessment of a Tailings Dam Located in Jamaica
Frank Perez, Celso Romanel

7. Analysis and Recovery Proposal for Erosion Process Located in the City of Planaltina-GO
Rideci Farias, Rhael Maycon Noronha Ribeiro, Haroldo Paranhos, Itamar Souza Bezerra, Roberto Pimentel

8. Soil Structure Interaction Studies with Use of Geosynthetics in Soils Beneath Footings
R. Shivashankar, Nalini E. Rebello, V. R. Sastry, B. R. Jayalekshmi

A Posteriori Error Estimation for the Non-associated Plasticity Drucker-Prager Model with Hardening
Dao Duy Lam

10. Analysis of Structural Behaviour of Thick Composite Laminates on an Elastic Foundation Using Efficient Higher-Order Theory
Mokhtar Bouazza, Tawfiq Becheri, Abderrahmane Boucheta

11. 3D Numerical Simulation of the Goaf Due to Large-Scale Longwall Mining
Samar S. Ahmed, Marwan AlHeib, Yann Gunzburger, Vincent Renaud

12. A Suggested Model Using Quantitive and Qualitative Parameters for Cost Engineering of Mechanically Stabilised Earth Walls in Egypt
Joseph Meadows, John Erian

13. Influence of Asphalt Mixture Ageing and Lowered Laboratory Compaction Rate on Stiffness and Cracking Behavior
Pavla Vacková, Jan Valentin, Adriana Kotoušová

14. Numerical Study of the Failure Surface in Granular Soil Under Two Closely Spaced Strip Footings
Assma Benbouza, Liela Arabet, Khelifa Abbeche

15. Evaporation Rate Dependence with Saturation Degree
Houcem Trabelsi

16. Comparative Analysis of a Deep Excavation in a Clays Sequence in Bogota City, with an Emphasis on FEM and Auscultation from the View Point of the Soil-Structure Interaction
Lucero Amparo Estevez Rey

17. Assessment of Granular Soil Failure at the Water Borehole Depth in South Eastern Nigeria by Discrete and Finite Element Methods
Kennedy C. Onyelowe, O. A. Ubachukwu, O. C. Ikpemo, F. O. Okafor

18. Effect of NBR-Waste on Rheological Properties of Modified Bitumen and Mechanical Characteristics of the Asphalt Mix
Khedoudja Soudani, Véronique Cerezo, Smail Haddadi

19. Numerical Check of the Meyerhof Bearing Capacity Equation for Shallow Foundations
Stefan Baars

20. Utilization of Weathered Rock Mass as the China Three Gorges Dam Foundation
Shirong Xiao, Guodong Zhang, Qingjun Zuo

21. Displacement Assessment of Rock Socketed Shafts: A Numerical Approach
Asmaa M. H. Mahmoud, Ahmed M. Samieh

22. Analysis and Modelling of Stiffened Slab Foundation on Expansive Soils
Mohamed A. Shams, Mohamed A. Shahin, Mostafa A. Ismail

23. Derivation of the Incremental Stress-Strain Relations for Expansive Soils and Implementation into the Boundary Element Method
Jamila El Brahmi, Mimoun Zoukaghe

24. The Behaviour of Shallow Foundation Near Slope Under Inclined Loading
Messaoud Baazouzi, Mekki Mellas, Djamel Benmeddour, Abdelhak Mabrouki

25. Case Study About Erosion in Elmo SerejoAvenue, Taguatinga/Federal District – Brazil
Mariane Rodrigues Vitória, Rideci Farias, Haroldo Paranhos, Itamar Souza Bezerra, Roberto Pimentel Sousa Júnior

26. Performance of Shallow Foundation Overlaying Cavernous Limestone
Ahmed M. El-Tohamy

27. Numerical Investigations on Lateral Load Response of Fin Piles
K. V. Babu, B. V. S. Viswanadham

28. Experiences with Tip Post Grouted Drilled Shafts in China
Zhihui Wan, Guoliang Dai

29. Analysis on Post-peak and Creep Mechanical Behavior of Highly-Weathered Rock
Yinghua Tan, Qian Zhang

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Civil Engineering, Numerical Analysis

Publication year
Sustainable Civil Infrastructures
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9 pages
Natural Sciences
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