Siegel, Jacob S.

Demographic and Socioeconomic Basis of Ethnolinguistics

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction: General Sources and Methods, and Concepts of Population, Language, and Ethnicity

1. Basic Concepts, and Overview of Sources, Quality of Data, and Methods
Jacob S. Siegel

2. The Language of Demography and Sociolinguistics
Jacob S. Siegel

3. Ethnicity, and Language as an Ethnic Identifier
Jacob S. Siegel

Part II. United States Experience

4. Language Inquiries in U.S. Censuses, National Sample Surveys, and Other Collection Instruments
Jacob S. Siegel

5. Measurement of Language Use and Language Proficiency, and Literacy and Its Analysis
Jacob S. Siegel

6. Language as a Factor in the Quality of Demographic Data and Translation Issues in the Management of Surveys
Jacob S. Siegel

7. Sociolinguistic Characteristics of the Population of the United States
Jacob S. Siegel

Part III. International Experience

8. International Demographic Situation and Its Linguistic Associations
Jacob S. Siegel

9. Ethnolinguistic Communities, Ethnolinguistic Conflict, and Other Conflict Situations
Jacob S. Siegel

Part IV. Demographic Differences in Linguistic Behavior and Demographic Processes Applied to Languages

10. Demographic and Socioeconomic Differences in Linguistic Behavior
Jacob S. Siegel

11. Demographic Processes Applied to Languages and Language-Defined Populations
Jacob S. Siegel

12. Migration and Language Change
Jacob S. Siegel

13. Prospective Changes in National Populations and Language-Defined Populations, and Projection Methods
Jacob S. Siegel

Part V. Special Language Groups

14. Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics of Persons with Language–Use Limitations, and Special Languages
Jacob S. Siegel

15. Some Sociolinguistic Characteritics of Premodern Societies and Modern Indigenous Societies
Jacob S. Siegel

Part VI. Some Policy and Practical Applications

16. Limited Language Proficiency and Its Consequences
Jacob S. Siegel

17. Linguistic Proficiency and Acculturation: Role of Family, Neighborhood, and Metropolitan Area
Jacob S. Siegel

18. Language, Language Planning, and U.S. Public Policy
Jacob S. Siegel

Keywords: Social Sciences, Demography, Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Ethnicity Studies, Migration

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