Agassi, Joseph

Hypotheses and Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science

Agassi, Joseph - Hypotheses and Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Alexandre Koyré: His Secret Charm
Joseph Agassi

2. Homage to Koyré: Space as Paradigmatic Example of “The Unity of Human Thought”
Charles Braverman

3. “The Philosophers and the Machine”: Philosophy of Mathematics and History of Science in Alexandre Koyré
Mauro L. Condé

4. Koyré and Galileo: The Myth of the Leaning Tower’s Scientific Experiment
Francesco Crapanzano

5. On Galileo’s Platonism, Again
Mario Caro

6. Alexandre Koyré and Blaise Pascal
Dominique Descotes

7. Koyré’s Revolutionary Role in the Historiography of Science
Antonino Drago

8. Alexandre Koyré’s Essential Features of the Scientific Revolution
Daria Drozdova

9. Koyré, Cassirer and the History of Science
Massimo Ferrari

10. Alexandre Koyré and the History of Science as a Species of the History of Philosophy: The Cases of Galileo and Descartes
Stephen Gaukroger

11. Is Descartes’ Theological Voluntarism Compatible with His Philosophy?
Glenn A. Hartz, Patrick K. Lewtas

12. The Posterity of Alexandre Koyré’s Galileo Studies

Gérard Jorland

13. Alexandre Koyré, Kepler’s Reader Without Prejudices. Harmony of the World, Music of the Heavens
Anna Maria Lombardi

14. The History Between Koyré and Husserl
Rodney K. B. Parker

15. Kuhn, Sarton, and the History of Science
J. C. Pinto de Oliveira, Amelia J. Oliveira

16. On the Conceptualization of Force in Johannes Kepler’s Corpus: An Interplay Between Physics/Mathematics and Metaphysics
Raffaele Pisano, Paolo Bussotti

17. Koyré Versus Olschki–Zilsel
Diederick Raven

18. Alexandre Koyré: History and Actuality
Marlon Salomon

19. The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Following Koyré: The Younger Tom Kuhn, “Critical Historian,” on Tradition Dynamics and Big History
John A. Schuster

20. Alexandre Koyré and the Traditional Interpretation of the Anthropological Consequences of the Copernican Revolution
Jean-François Stoffel

21. Koyré as a Historian of Religion and the New French Phenomenology
Anna Yampolskaya

Keywords: History, History of Science, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science

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