Moran, Michael E.

The History of Technologic Advancements in Urology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Sutchin R. Patel, Michael E. Moran, Stephen Y. Nakada

2. History of Cystoscopy
Michael E. Moran, Friedrich H. Moll

3. History of Optics in Endourology
Kimberly A. Maciolek, Sara L. Best

4. Development of theUreteroscope
Demetrius H. Bagley

5. Development of Transurethral Resection of theProstate (TURP)
Richard K. Babayan

6. History of Transurethral Resection and Fulguration of Bladder Tumors
Harry Herr

7. The Birth of Endourology
Arthur D. Smith

8. History of theDevelopment of Guidewires, Access Sheaths, Baskets, and Ureteral Stents
Natalia Hernandez Bustos, Alan Yaghoubian, Sarah Mozafarpour, Brian Eisner

9. History of Laser Lithotripsy
Paul Bower, Gyan Pareek

10. History and Development of Lasers in theTreatment of BPH
Johann P. Ingimarsson, Amy E. Krambeck

11. The History of Shockwave Lithotripsy
Christian G. Chaussy

12. The History and Development of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
Sutchin R. Patel, Stephen Y. Nakada

13. A Brief History of Radiological Imaging and Its Application in Urology
Lori Mankowski Gettle, Perry J. Pickhardt

14. Prostate Cancer and Radiation Therapy: A History
Michael E. Moran

15. The History of Percutaneous RenalCryoablation
Sutchin R. Patel, Stephen Y. Nakada

16. Radiofrequency Ablation in theTreatment of Renal Tumors
Emily F. Kelly, Raymond J. Leveillee

17. History and Development of Prostate Cryoablation
R. Joseph Babaian

18. History of Laparoscopic Renal Surgery
Louis R. Kavoussi

19. The Development of Hand-Assist Laparoscopy
John Roger Bell, Stephen Y. Nakada

20. History and Development of Robotics in Urology
Gabriel Ogaya-Pinies, Hariharan Palayapalayam Ganapathi, Travis Rogers, Vipul Patel

21. History of NOTES and LESS
Surayne Segaran, Abhay Rane

22. The History of Focused Ultrasound Therapyin Urology
Albert Gelet, Sebastien Crouzet, Olivier Rouviere, Emmanuel Blanc, Jean-Yves Chapelon

23. Development and Application of Histotripsy
William W. Roberts

24. Nanotechnology in Urology: History of Development and Applications in Urology
James Liu, Benjamin R. Lee

25. History and Development of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering in Urology
Michael B. Rothberg, Anthony Atala

26. A Physician’s Guide to Navigating the PatentProcess
Hannah Koyfman

27. Future Directions
Sutchin R. Patel, Michael E. Moran, Stephen Y. Nakada

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Urology, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Interventional Radiology

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