Abu-Farsakh, Murad

Advances in Analysis and Design of Deep Foundations

Abu-Farsakh, Murad - Advances in Analysis and Design of Deep Foundations, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Evaluation of Ultimate Pile Compression Capacity from Static Pile Load Test Results
Kedar C. Birid

2. Behavior of Bored Piles in Two Soil Layers, Sand Overlaying Compressible Clay (Case Study)
Adel H. Hammam, A. E. Abdel Salam

3. Laboratory Study of Plug Length Development and Bearing Capacity of Pipe Pile Models Embedded Within Partially Saturated Cohesionless Soils
Mahmood R. Mahmood, Karim H. Al-Helo, Ali M. AL-harbawee

4. Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Pile Based on Cone Loading Test
Philippe Reiffsteck, Henk Graaf, Catherine Jacquard

5. Experimental Study on Ultimate Capacity of Large Screw Piles in Beijing
Daping Xiao, Chunqiu Wu, Houshan Wu

6. Stability Analysis of Steel Pipe Pile Reinforced Inhomogeneous Slope by Using Strength Reduction Finite Element Method
Shi Baotong, Kong Xiangxing

7. The Evolution of Analysis Methods for Laterally Loaded Piles Through Time
Ahmed Moussa, Petros Christou

8. Reliability of Load-Transfer Approach in the Design of Large Diameter Bored Piles
Hayel El-Naggar, Mostafa Ahmed, Sherif AbdelSalam

9. Numerical Study of Tapered Piles in Sand
Mohsen Mohammadizadeh, Moein Mohammadizadeh

10. A Full Scale Field Study: Evaluation of the Magnitude and Time Extent of Excess Pore Water Pressure During the Installation of Auger Pressure Grouted Displacement Piles in Downtown Orlando
Amr Sallam, Mohamed Alrowaimi

11. Evaluating Pile Setup Using Numerical Simulation and Introducing an Elastoplastic Constitutive Model for Clays
Firouz Rosti, Murad Abu-Farsakh, Carol J. Friedland

12. Analytical Models to Estimate the Time Dependent Increase in Pile Capacity (Pile Set-Up)
Murad Y. Abu-Farsakh, Md. Nafiul Haque

13. The Effect of the L/D Ratio of Pile Group Using the Equivalent Pier Method Including Interaction
Pallavi Badry, D. Neelima Satyam

14. Deep Foundations Case Histories in the East Coast of United States
Raymond R. Mabnkbadi, Aravinda M. Ramakrishna

15. Numerical Modeling of a Caisson Foundation Retrofitted with Helical Piles
Serhan Guner

16. Theoretical Verification for Full-Scale Tests of Piled Raft Foundation
Hussein H. Hussein, Hussein H. Karim, Kais T. Shlash

17. Comparative Analysis of the Behavior of a Piled Raft and Corresponding Pile Groups
Hugo Pereira, António Viana Fonseca

18. Field Monitoring of Concrete Piles of an Integral Abutment Bridge
Khalid Alshibli, Andrew Druckrey, George Z. Voyiadjis

19. Numerical Modeling of Pile Groups Composed of Two Open-Ended Steel Piles
Khalid Abdel-Rahman, Martin Achmus

20. Adfreeze Strength and Creep Behavior of Pile Foundations in Warming Permafrost
Abdulghader A. Aldaeef, Mohammad T. Rayhani

21. Effect of Deep Supported Excavation on the Adjacent Deep Foundation
Qassun S. Mohammed Shafiqu, Ali A. Shawqi Al-Ameri

22. Side Resistance Assessment of Drilled Shafts Socketed into Rocks: Empirical Versus Artificial Intelligence Approaches
Asmaa M. H. Mahmoud, Ahmed M. Samieh

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Simulation and Modeling, Building Construction and Design, Engineering Design

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Sustainable Civil Infrastructures
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9 pages
Natural Sciences
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