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Handbook of Behavioral Criminology

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Table of contents

Part I. Overview and Perspectives

1. Overview and Introduction
Kristin E. Klimley, Michael L. Bourke, Estefania V. Masias, Vincent B. Hasselt

2. Dyadic Conceptualization, Measurement, and Analysis of Family Violence
Lindsey M. Rodriguez, Murray A. Straus

3. Role of Neurobiological Factors
Charles J. Golden, Rachel Zachar, Benjamin Lowry, Victor Tran

4. Psychological Theories of Criminal Behavior
Laurence Miller

5. Behavioral Science Research Methods
Stacey A. McCaffrey, Victoria A. Schlaudt, Ryan A. Black

Part II. Violent Crime by Children and Adolescents

6. Animal Cruelty Offenders
Tia A. Hoffer, Holly Hargreaves-Cormany

7. Child and Adolescent Firesetting
David J. Kolko, Joanna Foster

8. School Bullying and Cyberbullying: Prevalence, Characteristics, Outcomes, and Prevention
Izabela Zych, Anna C. Baldry, David P. Farrington

9. Child and Adolescent Homicide
Dewey G. Cornell, Marisa Malone

Part III. Homicide

10. A Cultural and Psychosocial Perspective on Mass Murder
James Garbarino, Danielle Nesi

11. Maternal Filicide
Joy Shelton, Tia A. Hoffer

12. Homicide-Suicide
Vera A. Klinoff

13. Criminal Investigative Analysis: A Move Toward a Scientific, Multidisciplinary Model
Craig N. Ackley

Part IV. Sexual Deviance and Assault

14. Sex Work and Adult Prostitution: From Entry to Exit
Andrea N. Cimino

15. Child Sexual Abuse and Molestation: The Spiral of Sexual Abuse
Joe Sullivan

16. The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Kristin E. Klimley, Brandy Bang, Alexis Carpinteri, Vincent B. Hasselt

17. Female Sexual Offenders
Kristen Budd

18. Young People Displaying Problematic Sexual Behavior: The Research and Their Words
Valerie M. Sheehan

19. Internet Sexual Offending
Michael L. Bourke

Part V. Family Violence

20. Sibling Abuse
Mandy Morrill

21. Child Physical Abuse and Neglect
Kate Theimer, Mary Fran Flood, David J. Hansen

22. The Medical Aspects of Victim Vulnerabilities in Child Sexual Exploitation
Sharon W. Cooper

23. Domestic Violence
Lenore E. A. Walker, Carlye B. Conte

24. Elder Abuse and Mistreatment
Ashley M. Stripling, Natalie D. Dautovich, Caitie Tighe, Kristy Shoji, Kimberly Capp

Part VI. Behavioral Intelligence

25. Forensic Linguistics
Robert A. Leonard

26. Investigative Interviewing
Ronald P. Fisher, R. Edward Geiselman

27. Criminal Interview and Interrogation in Serious Crime Investigations
Blake McConnell

28. Management and Mitigation of Insider Threats
Kirk A. Kennedy

29. Investigative Uses of Hypnosis
Frank DePiano, David DePiano

Part VII. Violence in Specific Settings

30. Violence and the Military
Monty T. Baker, Bethany Broj, Kristin E. Klimley, Deborah Arant-Daigle

31. Workplace Violence
Sarah N. Henderson, Vincent B. Hasselt

32. School Violence
Scott Poland, Carlye B. Conte

33. Violence in Correctional Settings
Vera A. Klinoff, Philip R. Magaletta

Part VIII. Special Topics

34. Crisis (Hostage) Negotiations
Karen N. Guszkowski, Vincent B. Hasselt

35. Risk Assessment: Law, Theory, and Implementation
David L. Shapiro, Angela Noe

36. Foundations of Threat Assessment and Management
Andre Simons, J. Reid Meloy

37. Neuropsychology of Violence
Charles J. Golden, Lisa K. Lashley, Jada J. Stewart

38. Alcohol, Drugs, and Crime
Corey M. Leidenfrost, Kenneth E. Leonard, Daniel Antonius

39. Criminal Profiling Investigative Strategies for Arson Investigations
Ronald F. Tunkel

40. Child Molesters Who Abduct: A Behavioral Analysis
Kenneth V. Lanning, James O. Beasley

41. Terrorism and Violent Extremism
Randy Borum, Thomas Neer

Keywords: Psychology, Sexual Behavior, Psychological Methods/Evaluation

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