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Contemporary Issues in Geoenvironmental Engineering

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Table of contents

1. The Influence of Filler Content on the Compactness of the Bituminous Mixture
Sami Yaich, Kaouther Machta

2. Thin Sections Images Processing Technique for the Porosity Estimation in Carbonate Rocks
N. D. Nurgalieva, N. G. Nurgalieva

3. Landslide Study of Lands in Quarrys. Case Chouf Amar - M’sila, Algeria
Abderrazak Saadoun, Abdallah Hafsaoui, Mohamed Fredj

4. Permeability Characterization of Clay Under Different Hydraulic Gradient
Olusegun Alabi

5. Wetting and Drying Compacted Soil-Lime Mixtures
N. Maafi, M. Akchiche, R. Sara

6. Quantitative Research on the Evolution of Mesoparameters at Out of the Shear Band of the Air-Dried Clay
Wei Wang, Pei-ling He, Bing-hua Zhao

7. Effect of Quarry Dust on Compaction Characteristics of Clay
Malaya Chetia, Manash P. Baruah, Asuri Sridharan

8. Effect of Temperature on Strength and Microstructure of Lime Stabilized Flyash
Aparupa Pani, S. P. Singh

9. Flow of Microbial Suspension Through Porous Media
B. S. Shashank, Shetty Rakshith, Jeevan Joseph, Arif Mohammad, D. N. Singh

10. Investigations on the Effects of Microorganisms on Coarse Grained Soil
S. Sowmya, R. Asha Latha, P. S. Meenu, D. N. Singh

11. Stabilization of Dispersive Soil Using Biopolymer
Kajal Swain, Mahasakti Mahamaya, Shamshad Alam, Sarat Kumar Das

12. Study on the Effects of the Rheological Properties for Flow Behaviour of Assam Crude Oil with Various Chemicals
Shilpi Sarmah, Subrata Borgohain Gogoi, Joyshree Barman, Debashree Dutta

13. Spatial Imaging of the Water Resource and Natural Environment Coastal Gharb Basin: Downstream Part of the Hydraulic Basin of the Sebou River (Morocco)
Nezha Mahmouhi, Mohamed Wartiti, Rajae Azelmad, Ridouane Sadki, Sanae Berred

14. Evaluating and Characterizing Oil field Produced Water of Upper Assam Basin
Subrata Borgohain Gogoi, Amarjit Rajbongshi, Shilpi Sarmah

15. Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in a Tropical Sand Tank Model
Olaolu G. Fadugba, Samuel A. Ola, Oluwapelumi O. Ojuri

16. Evaluation of Land Subsidence Based on Distributed Monitoring and SEM Analysis
Hongtao Jiang, Kai Gu, Jianhua Yin, Bin Shi, Jiayu Ma

17. An Assessment of Crude Oil Leakage Beneath a Tank in a Refinery in the Niger Delta Sub-region Nigeria, Through Geotechnical Techniques
So-ngo Clifford Teme, Oruene Olem-Ogoin, Prosper Ogbunie

18. The Influence of Geochemistry of Gas Hydrates on the Shear Strength and Stability of Marine Sediment Movement
J. Rajaraman, K. Thiruvenkatasamy, S. Narasimha Rao

19. In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Groundwater (A Case Study of Baruwa Community, Lagos, Nigeria)
S. A. Ola, O. G. Fadugba, M. A. Uduebor

20. Analysis of Infiltration, Colapsividade and Absorption of Surface Layer in Area of Deployment in the Setor Habitacional Jardins Mangueiral in Federal District - Brazil
Rideci Farias, Haroldo Paranhos, João Marcelo Lopes Siqueira, Elson Oliveira Almeida, Roberto Pimentel

21. Environmental Aging Effect and Geotechnical Stabilization of Organic Waste on Soil
Nirali Bhaskar Hasilkar, M. Shweta, Mehul Parmar, Pradeep Rathod, Ravi Patel

22. Laboratory Study on the Permeability of Fresh Municipal Solid Waste
Zhang Zhenying, Zhang Lingfeng, Wu Dazhi, Ding Zhengkun, Wang Yingfeng, Yuan Qiuyan

23. Compaction Properties of Municipal Solid Waste
F. N. Okonta, N. Ngcobo, M. Mtsweni, D. Harris

24. Strength Characteristics of Dispersive Soil by Using Industrial By-Products
Samaptika Mohanty, N. Roy, S. P. Singh

25. The Sustainable Use of Fine Marble Waste Powder for the Stabilization of Desert Sand in Oman
Mohsin U. Qureshi, Bushra Al-Sawafi, Maryam Al-Washahi, Moza Al-Saidi, Salima Al-Badi

26. Assessing the Suitability of Compacted Bentonite-Pond Ash Mixes as Landfill Liner
Suryaleen Rout, S. P. Singh

27. Feasibility Study on Usage of Metalized Plastic Waste in Concrete
Ankur Bhogayata, N. K. Arora

28. Stabilization of Red Mud Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag by Geopolymerization Technique
S. P. Singh, S. Samantasinghar, D. Sindhuja

29. Effect of Physico-Chemical Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Dredged Sediment
Maghnia Asmahane Bourabah, Said Taibi

30. Characterization of Dredged Sand from Chilka Lake as a Geo Material With and Without Biopolymer
Harishankar Jeevan Dash, Sarat Kumar Das

31. Correlations Between Sediments Characteristics from Tunisian Harbors
Amel Missaoui, Imen Said, Marwa Zelleg, Essaieb Hamdi, Zoubeir Lafhaj

32. Some Studies on Mechanical Behaviour of Cement Stabilized Dredged Soil from Flood Spill Channel of Jhelum River Srinagar
B. A. Mir

33. Dredged Marine Sediment as Raw Material in Civil Engineering Applications
Marwa Zelleg, Imen Said, Amel Missaoui, Zoubeir Lafhaj, Essaieb Hamdi

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Environmental Management, Sustainable Development, Engineering Design, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

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Sustainable Civil Infrastructures
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10 pages
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