Pontarotti, Pierre

Evolutionary Biology: Self/Nonself Evolution, Species and Complex Traits Evolution, Methods and Concepts

Pontarotti, Pierre - Evolutionary Biology: Self/Nonself Evolution, Species and Complex Traits Evolution, Methods and Concepts, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Self/Nonself Evolution

1. A New View of How MHC Class I Molecules Fight Disease: Generalists and Specialists
Jim Kaufman

2. Evolution and Diversity of Defensins in Vertebrates
Edward J. Hollox, Razan Abujaber

3. Interdependencies Between the Adaptation and Interference Modules Guide Efficient CRISPR-Cas Immunity
Ekaterina Semenova, Konstantin Severinov

4. How the Other Half Lives: CRISPR-Cas’s Influence on Bacteriophages
Melia E. Bonomo, Michael W. Deem

5. Hidden Silent Codes in Viral Genomes
Eli Goz, Hadas Zur, Tamir Tuller

6. Self and Nonself from a Genomic Perspective: Transposable Elements
Marie Fablet, Judit Salces-Ortiz, Bianca Fraga Menezes, Marlène Roy, Cristina Vieira

7. Mammalian-Specific Traits Generated by LTR Retrotransposon-Derived SIRH Genes
Tomoko Kaneko-Ishino, Masahito Irie, Fumitoshi Ishino

8. The Life History of Domesticated Genes Illuminates the Evolution of Novel Mammalian Genes
Dušan Kordiš

Part II. Species Evolution and Evolution of Complex Traits

9. Evolution of Complex Traits in Human Populations
Carolina Medina-Gomez, Oscar Lao, Fernando Rivadeneira

10. The Descent of Bison
Marie-Claude Marsolier-Kergoat, Jean-Marc Elalouf

11. Convergent and Parallel Evolution in Early Glires (Mammalia)
Łucja Fostowicz-Frelik

12. Reductive Evolution of Apicomplexan Parasites from Phototrophic Ancestors
Zoltán Füssy, Miroslav Oborník

13. Evolution of Milk Oligosaccharides and Their Function in Monotremes and Marsupials
Tadasu Urashima, Michael Messer

14. Modelling the Evolution of Dynamic Regulatory Networks: Some Critical Insights
Anton Crombach

Part III. Methods and Concepts

15. Mechanistic Models of Protein Evolution
David D. Pollock, Stephen T. Pollard, Jonathan A. Shortt, Richard A. Goldstein

16. Genome-Wide Screens for Molecular Convergent Evolution in Mammals
Jun-Hoe Lee, Michael Hiller

17. Assessing Evolutionary Potential in Tree Species Through Ecology-Informed Genome Screening
Hanne De Kort, Olivier Honnay

18. Evolutionary Constraints on Coding Sequences at the Nucleotidic Level: A Statistical Physics Approach
Didier Chatenay, Simona Cocco, Benjamin Greenbaum, Rémi Monasson, Pierre Netter

19. Case Studies of Seven Gene Families with Unusual High Retention Rate Since the Vertebrate and Teleost Whole-Genome Duplications
Frédéric G. Brunet, Thibault Lorin, Laure Bernard, Zofia Haftek-Terreau, Delphine Galiana, Manfred Schartl, Jean-Nicolas Volff

Keywords: Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Microbial Genetics and Genomics, Plant Genetics and Genomics, Animal Genetics and Genomics

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