Charles, Trevor C.

Functional Metagenomics: Tools and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Metagenomic Cosmid Libraries Suitable for Functional Screening in Proteobacteria
Jiujun Cheng, Kathy N. Lam, Katja Engel, Michael Hall, Josh D. Neufeld, Trevor C. Charles

2. Expression Platforms for Functional Metagenomics: Emerging Technology Options Beyond Escherichia coli

Anna Lewin, Rahmi Lale, Alexander Wentzel

3. Engineering of E. coli for Heterologous Expression of Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis Pathways Recovered from Metagenomics Libraries
Lei Fang, Guojian Zhang, Blaine A. Pfeifer

4. Functional Analysis in Metagenomics Using MEGAN 6
Sina Beier, Rewati Tappu, Daniel H. Huson

5. Enhancing Metagenomic Approaches Through Synthetic Biology
Luana de Fátima Alves, Rafael Silva-Rocha, María-Eugenia Guazzaroni

6. Metagenomics for the Discovery of Novel Biosurfactants
Wesley Williams, Marla Trindade

7. Challenges and Opportunities in Discovery of Secondary Metabolites Using a Functional Metagenomic Approach
Alinne L. R. Santana-Pereira, Mark R. Liles

8. Enhancing Functional Metagenomics of Complex Microbial Communities Using Stable Isotopes
Marcela Hernández, Josh D. Neufeld, Marc G. Dumont

9. Metagenome Assembly and Functional Annotation
Adina Howe, Fan Yang, Qingpeng Zhang

10. Human Gut Metagenomics: Success and Limits of the Activity-Based Approaches
Alexandra S. Tauzin, Elisabeth Laville, Davide Cecchini, Hervé M. Blottière, Marion Leclerc, Joël Doré, Gabrielle Potocki-Veronese

11. Metagenomics of Plant Microbiomes
G. Brader, E. Corretto, A. Sessitsch

12. Metagenome Analyses of Multispecies Microbial Biofilms: First Steps Toward Understanding Diverse Microbial Systems on Surfaces
Christel Schmeisser, Ines Krohn-Molt, Wolfgang R. Streit

13. Functional Metagenomics of a Replicase from a Novel Hyperthermophilic Aquificales Virus
David A. Mead, Scott Monsma, Baigen Mei, Krishne Gowda, Michael Lodes, Thomas W. Schoenfeld

14. Functional Metagenomics and Antimicrobial Resistance
Fiona Walsh

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbial Genetics and Genomics, Microbial Ecology, Applied Microbiology

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