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Cable-Driven Parallel Robots

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Table of contents

1. Modelling of Flexible Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Using a Rayleigh-Ritz Approach
Harsh Atul Godbole, Ryan James Caverly, James Richard Forbes

2. Assumed-Mode-Based Dynamic Model for Cable Robots with Non-straight Cables
Jorge Ivan Ayala Cuevas, Édouard Laroche, Olivier Piccin

3. Manipulator Deflection for Optimum Tension of Cable-Driven Robots with Parameter Variations
Leila Notash

4. Sensitivity Analysis of the Elasto-Geometrical Model of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Sana Baklouti, Stéphane Caro, Eric Courteille

5. CASPR-ROS: A Generalised Cable Robot Software in ROS for Hardware
Jonathan Eden, Chen Song, Ying Tan, Denny Oetomo, Darwin Lau

6. A Polymer Cable Creep Modeling for a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot in a Heavy Payload Application
Jinlong Piao, XueJun Jin, Eunpyo Choi, Jong-Oh Park, Chang-Sei Kim, Jinwoo Jung

7. Bending Fatigue Strength and Lifetime of Fiber Ropes
Martin Wehr, Andreas Pott, Karl-Heinz Wehking

8. Bending Cycles and Cable Properties of Polymer Fiber Cables for Fully Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Valentin Schmidt, Andreas Pott

9. A New Approach to the Direct Geometrico-Static Problem of Cable Suspended Robots Using Kinematic Mapping
Manfred Husty, Josef Schadlbauer, Paul Zsombor-Murray

10. Determination of the Cable Span and Cable Deflection of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Andreas Pott

11. Geometric Determination of the Cable-Cylinder Interference Regions in the Workspace of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
Antoine Martin, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Cardou

12. Twist Feasibility Analysis of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Saman Lessanibahri, Marc Gouttefarde, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Cardou

13. Initial Length and Pose Calibration for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Relative Length Feedback
Darwin Lau

14. Static Analysis and Dimensional Optimization of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
Matthew Newman, Arthur Zygielbaum, Benjamin Terry

15. Improving the Forward Kinematics of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Through Cable Angle Sensors
Xavier Garant, Alexandre Campeau-Lecours, Philippe Cardou, Clément Gosselin

16. Direct Kinematics of CDPR with Extra Cable Orientation Sensors: The 2 and 3 Cables Case with Perfect Measurement and Ideal or Elastic Cables
Jean-Pierre Merlet

17. Randomized Kinodynamic Planning for Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots
Ricard Bordalba, Josep M. Porta, Lluís Ros

18. Rest-to-Rest Trajectory Planning for Planar Underactuated Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Edoardo Idá, Alessandro Berti, Tobias Bruckmann, Marco Carricato

19. Dynamically-Feasible Elliptical Trajectories for Fully Constrained 3-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots
Giovanni Mottola, Clément Gosselin, Marco Carricato

20. Dynamic Transition Trajectory Planning of Three-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots
Xiaoling Jiang, Clément Gosselin

21. Transverse Vibration Control in Planar Cable-Driven Robotic Manipulators
Mitchell Rushton, Amir Khajepour

22. Application of a Differentiator-Based Adaptive Super-Twisting Controller for a Redundant Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
Christian Schenk, Carlo Masone, Andreas Pott, Heinrich H. Bülthoff

23. Tension Distribution Algorithm for Planar Mobile Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Tahir Rasheed, Philip Long, David Marquez-Gamez, Stéphane Caro

24. Improvement of Cable Tension Observability Through a New Cable Driving Unit Design
Mathieu Rognant, Eric Courteille

25. A Fast Algorithm for Wrench Exertion Capability Computation
Giovanni Boschetti, Chiara Passarini, Alberto Trevisani, Damiano Zanotto

26. Design and Analysis of a Novel Cable-Driven Haptic Master Device for Planar Grasping
Kashmira S. Jadhao, Patrice Lambert, Tobias Bruckmann, Just L. Herder

27. On the Design of a Three-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robot Based on a Parallelogram Arrangement of the Cables
Dinh-Son Vu, Eric Barnett, Anne-Marie Zaccarin, Clément Gosselin

28. On Improving Stiffness of Cable Robots
Carl A. Nelson

29. Optimal Design of a High-Speed Pick-and-Place Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
Zhaokun Zhang, Zhufeng Shao, Liping Wang, Albert J. Shih

30. On the Improvements of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot for Achieving Additive Manufacturing for Construction
Jean-Baptiste Izard, Alexandre Dubor, Pierre-Elie Hervé, Edouard Cabay, David Culla, Mariola Rodriguez, Mikel Barrado

31. Concept Studies of Automated Construction Using Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Tobias Bruckmann, Christopher Reichert, Michael Meik, Patrik Lemmen, Arnim Spengler, Hannah Mattern, Markus König

32. Inverse Kinematics for a Novel Rehabilitation Robot for Lower Limbs
Abdelhak Badi, Maarouf Saad, Guy Gauthier, Philippe Archambault

33. On the Design of a Novel Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Capable of Large Rotation About One Axis
Alexis Fortin-Côté, Céline Faure, Laurent Bouyer, Bradford J. McFadyen, Catherine Mercier, Michaël Bonenfant, Denis Laurendeau, Philippe Cardou, Clément Gosselin

34. Preliminary Running and Performance Test of the Huge Cable Robot of FAST Telescope
Hui Li, Jinghai Sun, Gaofeng Pan, Qingge Yang

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Machinery and Machine Elements, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Control

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Mechanisms and Machine Science
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12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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