Müller, Bernhard

Towards the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda

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Table of contents

1. The Transition Towards Sustainable and Resilient Cities—Urban Challenges and Solutions in Germany and Japan
Bernhard Müller, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Andreas Otto

Part I. Landscape Change and Management

2. Dialectic Developments of ‘City’ and ‘Country’ in Japan’s Metropolitan Regions
Atsushi Katagi

3. Urban Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Offsets
Wolfgang Wende, Marianne Darbi

4. Sustainable Landscape Management and Landscape Management Labor Accounts
Hiroyuki Shimizu, Chika Takatori, Nobuko Kawaguchi

Part II. Climate Change and Urban Green

5. Modeling the Current and Future Urban Climate Using Downscaling Techniques
Satoru Iizuka, Yingli Xuan

6. Urban and Green Planning Based on an Evaluation of Urban Climate
Chika Takatori

7. Demands, Opportunities and Constraints of Green Space Development for Future Urban Development under Demographic and Climate Change
Stefanie Rößler

Part III. Environmental Risks in Urban Areas

8. Environmental Risks in Urban and Regional Development—Assessing the Effects of Flood Resilient Technologies
Thomas Naumann, Sebastian Golz

9. Flood Risks and Their Management in Urban Japan—Modeling Inner Flooding in Tsushima City, Tokai Region
Takashi Tashiro, Aung Khaing Min

10. Pre-reconstruction Plans for Urban Areas in Japan
U Hiroi

Part IV. Built Environment and Material Flow

11. The Efficiency of Settlement Structures
Clemens Deilmann

12. Weight of Cities—Material Stock and Flow Analysis Based on Spatial Database over Time
Hiroki Tanikawa

13. Preservation and Utilization of the Urban Heritage of East Asia and Japan
Yasuhiko Nishizawa

Part V. Urban Energy Concepts

14. Revolution of Urban Energy System
Masaya Okumiya

15. Building Energy Management: Performance Verification and System Simulation
Hideki Tanaka

16. A New Concept for Air-Conditioning in Japan: An All-Air Supplied Induction Radiant Air-Conditioning System and Cool Room
Teruyuki Saito

Part VI. Future Challenges of Planning

17. Operationalizing Urban Resilience—Learning from the Past while Preparing for the Future. The Case of Dresden, Germany
Paulina Schiappacasse

18. Reconsidering Urban Planning through Community-based Initiatives
Akito Murayama

19. Planning of Public Facilities in Japanese Communities Facing Demographic Decline and Super-Aging
Hisashi Komatsu

20. Developments in Urban Planning by Public Facilities Management Based on Regional Characteristics
Kazuhisa Tsunekawa, Koji Saito

21. Identifying Gaps and Opportunities for Research on Urban and Regional Resilience—Highlighting the Advantages of Research Cooperation
Paulina Schiappacasse, Bernhard Müller

Keywords: Geography, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Regional/Spatial Science

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Natural Sciences
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