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Pediatric Electromyography

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Table of contents

Part I. Basic Concepts

1. Historical Perspective of Electrodiagnosis
John T. Sladky

2. Anatomy and Physiology of Peripheral Nerves
Hugh J. McMillan

3. Approach to Electrodiagnostic Testing in Children
Peter B. Kang

Part II. Nerve Conduction Studies

4. Sensory Studies
John C. McHugh

5. Motor Nerve Conduction Studies
John McHugh

6. Repetitive Nerve Stimulation, Short and Long Exercise Tests
Susana Quijano-Roy, Cyril Gitiaux

7. Late Responses
Karin Edebol Eeg-Olofsson

8. Pediatric Intraoperative Neuromonitoring
Kerry A. Vaughan, Alier J. Franco, Gregory G. Heuer

Part III. Needle Electromyography

9. Muscle Analysis
Peter B. Kang

10. The Use of Stimulated EMG in the Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Junction Abnormality
Matthew Pitt

Part IV. Advanced Electrodiagnosis

11. Artifacts
Hugh J. McMillan

12. Motor Unit Number Estimation
Peter B. Kang

13. Concentric Macro EMG
Joe F. Jabre

14. Electrical Impedance Myography and Its Application in Pediatric Neuromuscular Disorders
Seward Rutkove

Part V. Clinical Applications

15. Pediatric Cranial Neuropathies
Francis Renault

16. Motor Neuron Disease
Bhaskar Roy, Basil T. Darras

17. Radiculopathies and Plexopathies
Megan Crone, Hugh J. McMillan

18. Acquired and Hereditary Neuropathies
Monique M. Ryan, Hugh J. McMillan

19. Diagnosis and Evaluation of Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy in Children
Nancy L. Kuntz

20. Mononeuropathies
Ioannis Karakis

21. Neuromuscular Junction Disorders
Wendy K. M. Liew

22. Myopathies and Myotonic Disorders
Jiri Vajsar, Hernan D. Gonorazky, James J. Dowling

23. Neuromuscular Complications in the Critically Ill Child
Hugh J. McMillan, Jahannaz Dastgir

Part VI. Appendices

24. Normal Values Tables
Peter B. Kang

25. Case Presentations
Hugh J. McMillan

26. Epilogue
Peter B. Kang, Hugh J. McMillan

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