Hotz, Ingrid

Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization of Anisotropy

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Table of contents

Part I. Features and Visualization

1. Robustness for 2D Symmetric Tensor Field Topology
Bei Wang, Ingrid Hotz

2. Applying 2D Tensor Field Topology to Solid Mechanics Simulations
Yue Zhang, Xiaofei Gao, Eugene Zhang

3. Moment Invariants for Multi-Dimensional Data
Roxana Bujack, Hans Hagen

4. Visualizing Gradients of Stress Tensor Fields
Valentin Zobel, Markus Stommel, Gerik Scheuermann

Part II. Image Processing and Analysis

5. Geometries and Interpolations for Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices
Aasa Feragen, Andrea Fuster

6. Towards Processing Fields of General Real-Valued Square Matrices
Bernhard Burgeth, Andreas Kleefeld

7. Towards Grey Scale-Based Tensor Voting for Blood Vessel Analysis
Daniel Jörgens, Rodrigo Moreno

8. Local Geometric Descriptors for Multi-Scale Probabilistic Point Classification of Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds
Jaya Sreevalsan-Nair, Beena Kumari

Part III. Diffusion Modeling and Microstructure

9. Diffusion MRI Anisotropy: Modeling, Analysis and Interpretation
Rutger H. J. Fick, Marco Pizzolato, Demian Wassermann, Rachid Deriche

10. Measuring Microscopic Anisotropy with Diffusion Magnetic Resonance: From Material Science to Biomedical Imaging
Andrada Ianuş, Noam Shemesh, Daniel C. Alexander, Ivana Drobnjak

11. Bayesian Heteroscedastic Regression for Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Bertil Wegmann, Anders Eklund, Mattias Villani

12. Multi-Fiber Reconstruction Using Probabilistic Mixture Models for Diffusion MRI Examinations of the Brain
Snehlata Shakya, Nazre Batool, Evren Özarslan, Hans Knutsson

Part IV. Tractography

13. Edge Detection in Diffusion Weighted MRI Using a Tangent Curve Similarity Metric
Zi’Ang Ding, Xavier Tricoche, Yaniv Gur

14. Repeated Tractography of a Single Subject: How High Is the Variance?
Xuan Gu, Anders Eklund, Hans Knutsson

15. Automatic Atlas-Based Segmentation of Brain White Matter in Neonates at Risk for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
L. Fonseca, C. Pul, N. Lori, R. Boom, P. Andriessen, J. Buijs, A. Vilanova

Part V. Machine Learning Approaches

16. A Deep Learning Approach to Identifying Shock Locations in Turbulent Combustion Tensor Fields
Mathew Monfort, Timothy Luciani, Jonathan Komperda, Brian Ziebart, Farzad Mashayek, G. Elisabeta Marai

17. Reconstruction of Diffusion Anisotropies Using 3D Deep Convolutional Neural Networks in Diffusion Imaging
Simon Koppers, Matthias Friedrichs, Dorit Merhof

Keywords: Mathematics, Linear and Multilinear Algebras, Matrix Theory, Computational Science and Engineering, Visualization, Image Processing and Computer Vision

Publication year
Mathematics and Visualization
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10 pages
Natural Sciences
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