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Climate Change and Air Pollution

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Table of contents

Part I. Introductory

1. Climate Change and Air Pollution: An Introduction
Rais Akhtar, Cosimo Palagiano

2. Air Quality in Changing Climate: Implications for Health Impacts
Sourangsu Chowdhury, Sagnik Dey

3. International Conferences on Sustainable Development and Climate from Rio de Janeiro to Paris
Giovanni Santis, Claudia Bortone

4. COP21 in Paris: Politics of Climate Change
Rais Akhtar

Part II. Case Studies: Developed Countries/Regions

5. Climate Change Impacts on Air Pollution in Northern Europe
Ruth M. Doherty, Fiona M. O’Connor

6. The Impact of Climate Change and Air Pollution in the Southern European Countries
Cosimo Palagiano, Rossella Belluso

7. Canada: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health
Stefania Bertazzon, Fox Underwood

8. Climate Change, Forest Fires, and Health in California
Ricardo Cisneros, Don Schweizer, Leland (Lee) Tarnay, Kathleen Navarro, David Veloz, C. Trent Procter

9. Air Pollution and Climate Change in Australia: A Triple Burden
Colin D. Butler, James Whelan

10. Epidemiological Consequences of Climate Change (with Special Reference to Malaria in Russia)
Svetlana M. Malkhazova, Natalia V. Shartova, Varvara A. Mironova

11. Climate Change and Projections of Temperature-Related Mortality
Dmitry Shaposhnikov, Boris Revich

12. Climate Change and Air Quality in Southeastern China: Hong Kong Study
Yun Fat Lam

Part III. Case Studies: Developing Countries/Regions

13. Trends and Seasonal Variations of Climate, Air Quality, and Mortality in Three Major Cities in Taiwan
Mei-Hui Li

14. Climate Change and Urban Air Pollution Health Impacts in Indonesia
Budi Haryanto

15. Climate Change and Air Pollution in Malaysia
Nasrin Aghamohammadi, Marzuki Isahak

16. Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Human Health in Bangkok
Uma Langkulsen, Desire Rwodzi

17. Climate Change, Air Pollution and Human Health in Delhi, India
Hem H. Dholakia, Amit Garg

18. Climate Change and Air Pollution in Mumbai
S. Siva Raju, Khushboo Ahire

19. Climate Change and Air Pollution in East Asia: Taking Transboundary Air Pollution into Account
Ken Yamashita, Yasushi Honda

20. Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health in South Africa
Eugene Cairncross, Aqiel Dalvie, Rico Euripidou, James Irlam, Rajen Nithiseelan Naidoo

21. The Impact of Climate Change and Air Pollution on the Caribbean
Muge Akpinar-Elci, Olaniyi Olayinka

22. Compounding Factors: Air Pollution and Climate Variability in Mexico City
María Eugenia Ibarrarán, Iván Islas, José Abraham Ortínez

23. Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Human Health in Brazil
Júlia Alves Menezes, Carina Margonari, Rhavena Barbosa Santos, Ulisses Confalonieri

24. Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Infectious Diseases: A New Epidemiological Scenario in Argentina
Daniel Oscar Lipp

Part IV. Conclusion

25. Summary and Conclusion
Rais Akhtar, Cosimo Palagiano

Keywords: Environment, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Climate Change Management and Policy, Atmospheric Sciences

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