D’Accorso, Norma Beatriz

Industrial Applications of Renewable Biomass Products

D’Accorso, Norma Beatriz - Industrial Applications of Renewable Biomass Products, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Synthesis and Applications of Carbohydrate-Based Polyurethanes
Verónica E. Manzano, Adriana A. Kolender, Oscar Varela

Part I. Medical Applications

2. Biodegradable Polymers for Bone Tissue Engineering
M. Susana Cortizo, M. Soledad Belluzo

3. Seaweed Polysaccharides: Structure and Applications
Vanina A. Cosenza, Diego A. Navarro, Nora M. A. Ponce, Carlos A. Stortz

4. Innovative Systems from Clickable Biopolymer-Based Hydrogels for Drug Delivery
C. García-Astrain, L. Martin, M. A. Corcuera, A. Eceiza, N. Gabilondo

5. Applications of Glycosaminoglycans in the Medical, Veterinary, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Fields
José Kovensky, Eric Grand, María Laura Uhrig

6. Bacterial Cellulose Nanoribbons: A New Bioengineering Additive for Biomedical and Food Applications
M. Osorio, C. Castro, J. Velásquez-Cock, L. Vélez-Acosta, L. Cáracamo, S. Sierra, R. Klaiss, D. Avendaño, C. Correa, C. Gómez, R. Zuluaga, D. Builes, P. Gañán

Part II. Oil Industry

7. Biobased Additives in Oilwell Cement
A. Vázquez, T. M. Pique

8. Polymers from Biomass Widely Spread in the Oil Industry
Isabel Natalia Vega, María Isabel Hernández

9. Modified Starches Used as Additives in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
Olivia V. López, Luciana A. Castillo, Mario D. Ninago, Andrés E. Ciolino, Marcelo A. Villar

Part III. Other Applications Related to Environmental Care

10. Chitosan: From Organic Pollutants to High-Value Polymeric Materials
María I. Errea, Ezequiel Rossi, Silvia Nair Goyanes, Norma Beatriz D’Accorso

11. PLA-Based Nanocomposites Reinforced with CNC for Food Packaging Applications: From Synthesis to Biodegradation
M. P. Arrieta, M. A. Peltzer, J. López, L. Peponi

12. Removal of Pollutants Using Electrospun Nanofiber Membranes
Laura G. Ribba, Jonathan D. Cimadoro, Norma Beatriz D’Accorso, Silvia Nair Goyanes

Keywords: Chemistry, Polymer Sciences, Biomaterials, Sustainable Development, Green Chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry

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