Baschirotto, Andrea

Hybrid ADCs, Smart Sensors for the IoT, and Sub-1V & Advanced Node Analog Circuit Design

Baschirotto, Andrea - Hybrid ADCs, Smart Sensors for the IoT, and Sub-1V & Advanced Node Analog Circuit Design, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Hybrid Data Converters
Kostas Doris

2. Hybrid and Segmented ADC Techniques to Optimize Power Efficiency and Area: The Case of a 0.076 mm2 600 MS/s 12b SAR-ΔΣ ADC
Alessandro Venca, Nicola Ghittori, Alessandro Bosi, Claudio Nani

3. Interleaved Pipelined SAR ADCs: Combined Power for Efficient Accurate High-Speed Conversion
Ewout Martens

4. Hybrid VCO Based 0-1 MASH and Hybrid ΔΣ SAR
Arindam Sanyal, Wenjuan Guo, Nan Sun

5. A Hybrid Architecture for a Reconfigurable SAR ADC
Yun-Shiang Shu, Liang-Ting Kuo, Tien-Yu Lo

6. A Hybrid ADC for High Resolution: The Zoom ADC
Burak Gönen, Fabio Sebastiano, Robert Veldhoven, Kofi A. A. Makinwa

7. Advances in Biomedical Sensor Systems for Wearable Health
Nick Helleputte, Jiawei Xu, Hyunsoo Ha, Roland Wegberg, Shuang Song, Stefano Stanzione, Samira Zaliasl, Richard Hoven, Wenting Qiu, Haoming Xin, Chris Hoof, Mario Konijnenburg

8. An Ultra-low Power, Robust Photoplethysmographic Readout Exploiting Compressive Sampling, Artifact Reduction, and Sensor Fusion
Venkata Rajesh Pamula, Chris Hoof, Marian Verhelst

9. A 32 kHz DTCXO RTC Module with an Overall Accuracy of ±1 ppm and an All-Digital 0.1 ppm Compensation-Resolution Scheme
David Ruffieux, Nicola Scolari, Frédéric Giroud, Franz Pengg, Daniel Severac, Thanh Le, Silvio Dalla Piazza, Olivier Aubry

10. Energy-Efficient High-Resolution Resistor-Based Temperature Sensors
Sining Pan, Kofi A. A. Makinwa

11. A High-Resolution Self-Oscillating Integrating Dual-Slope CDC for MEMS Sensors
J. P. Sanjurjo, Enrique Prefasi, C. Buffa, C. Rogi, R. Gaggl

12. Ultra-low Power Charge-Pump-Based Bandgap References
Shikhar Tewari, Aatmesh Shrivastava

13. FDSOI Technology, Advantages for Analog/RF and Mixed-Signal Designs
Andreia Cathelin

14. Analog/Mixed-Signal Design in FinFET Technologies
Alvin L. S. Loke, Esin Terzioglu, Albert A. Kumar, Tin Tin Wee, Kern Rim, Da Yang, Bo Yu, Lixin Ge, Li Sun, Jonathan L. Holland, Chulkyu Lee, Deqiang Song, Sam Yang, John Zhu, Jihong Choi, Hasnain Lakdawala, Zhiqin Chen, Wilson J. Chen, Sreeker Dundigal, Stephen R. Knol, Chiew-Guan Tan, Stanley S. C. Song, Hai Dang, Patrick G. Drennan, Jun Yuan, P. R. Chidambaram, Reza Jalilizeinali, Steven J. Dillen, Xiaohua Kong, Burton M. Leary

15. Analog Circuits in 28 nm and 14 nm FinFET
Lukas Dörrer, Franz Kuttner, Francesco Conzatti, Patrick Torta

16. Pipeline and SAR ADCs for Advanced Nodes
Michael P. Flynn, Kyojin Choo, Yong Lim

17. Time-Based Biomedical Readout in Ultra-Low-Voltage, Small-Scale CMOS Technology
Rachit Mohan, Samira Zaliasl, Chris Hoof, Nick Helleputte

18. A 4.4mW-TX, 3.6 mW-RX Fully Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy Transceiver for IoT Applications
Masoud Babaie, Sandro Binsfeld Ferreira, Feng-Wei Kuo, Robert Bogdan Staszewski

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Electronic Circuits and Devices, Processor Architectures

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