Sriraman, Bharath

Humanizing Mathematics and its Philosophy

Sriraman, Bharath - Humanizing Mathematics and its Philosophy, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An Interview with Reuben Hersh
Bharath Sriraman

2. Nine Decades
Bharath Sriraman

3. Pluralism as Modeling and as Confusion
Reuben Hersh

4. “Now” Has an Infinitesimal Positive Duration
Reuben Hersh

5. Review of How Humans Learn to Think Mathematically: Exploring the Three Worlds of Mathematics

Reuben Hersh

6. Can You Say What Mathematics Is?
William Byers

7. The Exact Sciences and Non-Euclidean Logic
David A. Edwards

8. Xenomath!
Ian Stewart

9. Cognitive Networks: Brains, Internet, and Civilizations
Dmitrii Yu. Manin, Yuri I. Manin

10. Reuben Hersh on the Growth of Mathematical Knowledge: Kant, Geometry, and Number Theory
Emily Grosholz

11. Do Mathematicians Have Responsibilities?
Michael Harris

12. School Mathematics and “Real” Mathematics
Bonnie Gold

13. What Is Mathematics and What Should It Be?
Doron Zeilberger

14. Humanism About Abstract Objects
Julian Cole

15. Can Something Just Happen to Be True?
Chandler Davis

16. The “Artificial Mathematician” Objection: Exploring the (Im)possibility of Automating Mathematical Understanding
Sven Delarivière, Bart Kerkhove

17. Wittgenstein, Mathematics, and the Temporality of Technique
Paul M. Livingston

18. Gödel’s Legacy
Martin Davis

19. Varieties of Maverick Philosophy of Mathematics
Carlo Cellucci

20. Does Reason Evolve? (Does the Reasoning in Mathematics Evolve?)
Jody Azzouni

21. Mathematical Theories as Models
Michèle Friend

22. Mathematics for Makers and Mathematics for Users
Alexandre V. Borovik

23. A Case Study in Reuben Hersh’s Philosophy: Bézout’s Theorem
Elena Anne Corie Marchisotto

24. A Gift to Teachers
Nel Noddings

25. The Philosophy of Reuben Hersh: A Nontechnical Assessment
William Labov

26. Friends and Former Comrades
Chandler Davis

27. On the Nature of Mathematical Entities
Reuben Hersh

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematics in the Humanities and Social Sciences

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