Julián, Vicente

Ambient Intelligence– Software and Applications – 8th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2017)

Julián, Vicente - Ambient Intelligence– Software and Applications – 8th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2017), ebook


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Table of contents

1. Collection of State Information in Live Digital Forensics
Fábio Freitas, António Pinto

2. Computer Vision Algorithms Fishing Vessel Monitoring—Identification of Vessel Plate Number
Joao C. Ferreira, Jorge Branquinho, Paulo Chaves Ferreira, Fernando Piedade

3. Preliminary Development of a Walk-Helper Application Agent with an Assistant Personal Robot
David Martínez, Dani Martínez, Eduard Clotet, Javier Moreno, Marcel Tresanchez, Jordi Palacín

4. Preliminary Application of an Assistant Personal Robot as an Ambient Monitoring Tool
Eduard Clotet, Dani Martínez, Javier Moreno, Marcel Tresanchez, Jordi Palacín

5. MuSec: Sonification of Alarms Generated by a SIEM
Luís Sousa, António Pinto

6. Online Conversation Application with Confidentiality, Anonymity, and Identity Requirements
Pedro Fernandes, António Pinto

7. Motion Detection in an Intelligent Textile Mattress Cover
Nelson Pimenta, Paulo Chaves, Luís Fernandes, Diana Freitas

8. GoodsPooling: An Intelligent Approach for Urban Logistics
Joao C. Ferreira, Ana Lúcia Martins, Rubén Pereira

9. Collision Detection System Using Mobile Devices and PANGEA
Alberto Moro, Fabio Andrés, Gabriel Villarrubia, Daniel Hernández, Juan F. Paz

10. Non-intrusive System for Monitoring the Risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndorme
Daniel Hernández, Gabriel Villarrubia, Alejandro M. Hernández, Juan F. Paz

11. We@Home: A Gamified Application for Collaboratively Managing a Smart Home
Danilo Caivano, Fabio Cassano, Daniela Fogli, Rosa Lanzilotti, Antonio Piccinno

12. A Task Recommendation System for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Margarida Costa, Angelo Costa, Vicente Julián, Paulo Novais

13. Content-Based Image Retrieval in Augmented Reality
Leszek Kaliciak, Hans Myrhaug, Ayse Goker

14. Envisaging the Internet of People an Approach to the Vulnerable Road Users Problem
Bruno Fernandes, José Neves, Analide César

15. Intelligent Smartphone Audiometry
Alexander Kocian, Carmelo Ienco, Stefano Chessa, Wilko Grolman

16. Smart Computer-Assisted Cognitive Rehabilitation for Visually Impaired People
Miguel Oliver, Mario García, José Pascual Molina, Jonatan Martínez, Antonio Fernández-Caballero, Pascual González

17. Electric Vehicle Urban Exploration by Anti-pheromone Swarm Based Algorithms
Rubén Martín García, Francisco Prieto-Castrillo, Gabriel Villarrubia González, Javier Bajo

18. A Pilot Study on Personalised Coaching to Increase Older Adults’ Physical and Social Activities
Rebecka Janols, Esteban Guerrero, Helena Lindgren

19. Environment Mapping with Mobile Robot Guided by a Markers Vision System
Juan Pablo Ángel-López, Santiago Murillo-Rendón

20. Decision Support System for the Negotiation of Bilateral Contracts in Electricity Markets
Francisco Silva, Brígida Teixeira, Tiago Pinto, Isabel Praça, Goreti Marreiros, Zita Vale

21. T2*—Personalized Trip Planner
Joao C. Ferreira, Ana Lucia Martins, Jorge Vieira Silva, João Almeida

22. Smart Management System for Electric Bicycles Loan
Jorge Revuelta Herrero, Juan Francisco Paz Santana, Gabriel Villarrubia González, Juan Manuel Corchado Rodríguez

23. Multi-agent System for the Control and Monitoring of Shared Bicycle Fleets
Luis Méndez, Daniel Hernández, Gabriel Villarrubia, Juan F. Paz

24. Adapting the User Path Through Trajectory Data Mining
João Ramos, Analide César, José Neves, Paulo Novais

25. A Review of Multi-agent Based Energy Management Systems
Amin Shokri Gazafroudi, Juan F. Paz, Francisco Prieto-Castrillo, Gabriel Villarrubia, Saber Talari, Miadreza Shafie-khah, João P. S. Catalão

26. Modelling an Intelligent Interaction System for Increasing the Level of Attention
Dalila Durães, David Castro, Javier Bajo, Paulo Novais

27. A Hospital Service Kiosk in the Patient’s Pocket
Marta Serapicos, Hugo Peixoto, Victor Alves

28. Development of a Hybrid Application for Psychotic Disorders Self-Management
Raquel Simões Almeida, Constantino Martins, António Marques, Daniel Benevides, Alexandre Costa, Cristina Queirós, Tiago Sousa, Ana Almeida, Nuno Fonseca, Luíz Faria

29. An Environment for Studying Visual Emotion Perception
Davide Carneiro, Hélder Rocha, Paulo Novais

30. Defining an Architecture for a Ubiquitous Group Decision Support System
Diogo Martinho, João Carneiro, Goreti Marreiros, Paulo Novais

31. An Architecture for Proactive Maintenance in the Machinery Industry
Alda Canito, Marta Fernandes, Luís Conceição, Isabel Praça, Magno Santos, Ricardo Rato, Gonçalo Cardeal, Francisco Leiras, Goreti Marreiros

32. A Comparative Cost Study of Fault-Tolerant Techniques for Availability on the Cloud
Altino M. Sampaio, Jorge G. Barbosa

33. Information Security Maturity Level: A Fast Assessment Methodology
Sérgio Monteiro, João Paulo Magalhães

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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